Fit Review: Lululemon Sit in Lotus Sweater


As I was Christmas shopping for others at Lululemon a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but drool over a black cherry piece of something once I’d tried it on: Lululemon’s Sit in Lotus Sweater. So I bought it. Just this week, it’s moved over to WMTM with a significant price cut. So, how does it look?

Fit Review: Lululemon Sit in Lotus Sweater (was $98, now $69)

Note: I am 5’9″ and wearing a TTS 8 in black cherry

The sweater itself is a fairly simple design, which essentially brings together two of my favorites from past years, the Sunshine Coast LS and the Simply Wool Sweater (which I got last year and never posted about, whoops). It’s got the length of the Sunshine Coast, but the thicker knit like the Simply Wool. Both are crew necks.

As you can see, the Sit in Lotus has thumbholes, and women with longer arms actually have a prayer at using them comfortably, which is an improvement on the Sunshine Coast. I’ve got long arms, and the sleeves don’t pull.

The Sit in Lotus has a relaxed fit in the midsection, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it floppy or baggy. The arms are a bit more fitted, but not restricting.

Overall length is generous, and may borderline into that odd “dress or no dress” territory on shorter women. I’m definitely built with short legs and a long torso, and as you can see in the photos, length is NOT a concern.

As for the fabric’s feel, it’s a nice merino knit that doesn’t itch, but it’s no Shelbe Raschel. If you want to feel like you’re wearing a cloudy plush snuggie, buy a damn snuggie. It doesn’t feel like an amazing blanket, but as far as sweaters go, there’s no distracting itch.

Ultimately, what did I think of this sweater?

I absolutely love the black cherry color, which is what spurred me to purchase this sweater in the first place. It made me happy. Then, I got home and snapped these photos and, you know what? I didn’t feel like a million bucks. I left the tags on, set it down and flew across the country for a week.

When I got home, I tried it on one more time to see if I’d stopped questioning it: did I love it again, or was I feeling lukewarm at best? It looked alright in the morning light, but having *just* watched Marie Kondo on Netflix the night before, I ultimately decided that it didn’t stand out enough from sweaters I already own. Figured I’d probably like seeing a $100 credit on my Amex statement more than I’d like seeing this one riding my fairly deep bench of crew neck sweaters, because everyday style can be summed up in one word: predictable. Crew necks, skinny jeans, Sorel boots.

But now the Sit in Lotus Sweater is marked down to $69. Is it worth the WMTM price to add to your winter wardrobe if you’re lacking a sturdy sweater? I think so.

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  1. Thanks for doing this fit review. I was going to get one but didn’t and now I’m glad I passed on it. If it doesn’t do much for you then it definitely won’t do anything for me (you look great in almost everything you try on and post to your blog)!!

  2. Many bad reviews talk about how this sweater shrinks in the wash and snags easy! Durability seems like a factor to me….

  3. I think you made a good choice. The sweater looks nice but is not particularly special.
    I bought the “Time to Thrive” zip up sweater which is made of merino wool. I love how it looks and fits but it has an awful odor when washed. It dissipates mostly when dry, but if I sweat I can still smell the slight odor (similar to a perm).
    Now I won’t consider any merino wool items from Lululemon. I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

  4. I felt the same way about it. I have the original version of this sweater and love it but the new one feel cheaper and fits weird. I sizes up in the old one but this felt odd in my TTS and way too large in my size up. I also love the black cherry colour though!

  5. I think you made the right decision. I bought this in blue last time it came out. Same as you, I bought for the color. I really liked it fresh out of the bag, and wore it once or twice. But over time, it floated to the bottom of the sweater pile. It’s a nice sweater, but for me, it’s not special. It’s doesn’t have any great details or fit, it’s really just a regular sweater I could buy lots of places. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but for the higher price point, I didn’t find it worth it.

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