The Fitting Room: Sunshine Coast LS


I have been striking out HARD in the pants department with lululemon lately. However, I’ve had unexpected success in the form of the Sunshine Coast LS. It first uploaded a couple weeks ago, and the fatigue green first caught my eye. I tried that one on as well, but ultimately settled on heathered gray, figuring it would match more pieces that I already own.


The Fitting Room: Sunshine Coast LS

Given the fact that we’re being ambushed by fluffy jackets and thermal tech fleeces right now, this sweater is surprisingly thin. But the good news is that it still keeps you warm!

Lulu’s website claims that this piece is a slim fit, so I tried on both an 8 and a 10. First up, the 8.

While it didn’t look or feel tight in front, there was some pulling in the back. Looks tighter than it felt.

Shown above is the 10. Not only did it get slightly roomier in the torso, the length increased as well. I’m wearing a CRB underneath, and this sweater goes down just as far. While the green looked super sheer on the models online, I only noticed it a little bit. (I was wearing solid black underneath)

I liked the relaxed fit and feel of the sweater without being too baggy, so I decided I wanted to take it home with me. However, the fatigue green wasn’t doing much for my skin tone, so heathered gray  in a 10 stepped in and made the trip home with me!

Again with the trusty CRB, the Sunshine Coast LS was perfect to throw on with some cuffed jeans and casual old shoes that I almost forgot I owned for an afternoon of beer & Cards Against Humanity at a craft brewery here in CT.

Here’s the real question most of you are likely asking right now: how sheer is this? Can I get away with wearing it to work? The answers are not very and yes. Take a look below.

Underneath I’ve got a black CRB and FTBW on, and the top right photo is really the only one you can make out anything in. As long as you’re not wearing some hot pink leopard print bra underneath that you picked up at VS Pink, you’re going to be fine. Make sure you wear a dark tank under this one, or a lighter/skin-toned one underneath the fatigue green or lighter gray and you’ll be good to go.

There are thumbholes in the sleeves, but they’re really only for girls with shorter arms to enjoy.

Judging by the fact that I bought this sweater, the answer is YES, I’d recommend it. It’s a simple design with a flattering fit that definitely deserves a spot in your winter rotation.


  1. yay for thumbholes for shorter armed girls!

    and LOLOLOL @ VS Pink hot pink leopard bra. *hides mine under the chair* 😀

    1. Thanks! I’ve already worn it 3x since buying it what, 10 days ago? So it’s not the jazziest style, but it goes with absolutely everything. 🙂

  2. I bought this in my normal TTS 8, tried it on, thought it was $$$ for what it was. Returned it. Saw your post, decided I needed it in a 10 for that more relaxed look and pulled the trigger. Can’t wait to cut the tags off of this one! My husband *might* strangle me but I’m fine with that. I skipped the green in favor of the heather gray as well (both times).

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