WMTM Rundown: 1/7/19 Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

First I post a 5FD on Sunday night, and now I off and post a WMTM Alert early in the week. Welcome to What Time Zone Are We in Anyway? Where points are like monopoly money and your internal clock does not matter at all. (Come on, someone please tell me you get the reference to Whose Line.)

I’ve fallen out of the habit of WMTM Alerts due a combination the selection’s volume and mediocrity in the last year or so. However, I was scrolling through lululemon’s We Made Too Much this afternoon and noticed something that warranted a post that couldn’t wait until the traditional Thursday: Toasty Tech II Tights are on sale, and it’s January.

Runners all over could use a pair of warm & fuzzies because we’re in the dead of winter and, well, warm & fuzzies are the name of everyone’s game.

Lululemon WMTM Rundown: 1/7/19

  • Toasty Tech Tight II ($89) – Cyber, garnet and black are all showing available on the website. Is this a glitch? Who knows. If so, get ittttt (said in sassy lady voice)
  • Cloud Crush Jacket ($139) – my Rain or Shine Jacket from 2014 still remains one of my most worn lulu items. If you can get your hands on a longer rain jacket for a low(ish) price, definitely consider it.
  • Are you a size 10 in the Free to Be Bra *Wild? Because I am, and I like things that cost $29.
  • The All Sport is one of my favorite/most comfortable lulu bras ever, and both 2’s and 4’s can get two different colors for $39 right now
  • The usually $128 On the Move Pant Ponte is a steal at $49
  • I got all excited about the dark sport red Speed Up Crops for $59, but there are 0 left. Size 0 only. Whomp.
  • Every time I see the Ready to Rulu Tight they intrigue me. Does anyone have any intel on how they feel? Too lazy to try pants on lately, but for $69 I kinda sorta want to give them a shot.
  • Everyone said GIMME OLD LULU so they gave us the Skinny Will Pant II and the Astro Pant II back. Now they’re both on sale for $69.
  • Speaking of old lulu (that I miss but am thankful that my spending has decreased), I’m not sure the Speed Up Short has really caught on. I bought one pair this summer and am not a fan of how they puff out on the sides. There are currently 9 different colourways going from anywhere from $34-$39 apiece. I miss my Speeds 🙁

Aside from the items listed above, there are the usual listless colors in odd patterns, but nothing I feel the need to scream from the top of my internet mountain about. TOASTY TECHS THOUGH.

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  1. I am 1000% with you on missing Speeds and hating the Speed Ups. If it aint broke…hoping they reincarnate the old Speeds.

    1. Same, same. I’ve been able to manage the lack of shorts options in the last 2 summers because running is now my primary form of exercise, so I’m wearing crops or tights pretty often. If I still was 90% CrossFit all the time, I’d be far more annoyed by the change.

  2. I bought the Ready to Rulu tights because I kept looking at them on WMTM!! They are super soft and I love the ruching on the calves. I did find the top of the waistband a little tight, like the reviews said. But I plan to wear them casually, so I’m not too worried about it. I think they will be super cute with a sweater and some flats.

    I snagged all the colors of the Toasty Tech. One of my most favorite pants ever, so I couldn’t help myself. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow, yay!

    1. I thought of you yesterday as I saw all three colors of the Toasty Tech on sale, IN MY SIZE, in my local lulu yesterday. Alas, I was wearing the Keep the Fleece tight so I was able to talk myself out of buying the almost same. damn. pants. that I already had on.

  3. I bought the ready to rulu tight when I saw it on wmtm and I love it so much I bought a second pair! They are soft, long enough (I’m tall), and warm (wore them on a high 20s night last week and I was fine!). They are tight but not too tight (after reading reviews I bought the larger of two potential sizes). the Second pair arrived yesterday but I haven’t opened it yet

    1. You’re absolutely making me want a pair. I feel like the ruching would look good with mid rise boots, to be able to offset the contrast between skinny ankles and bulky footwear.

  4. I bought the Toasty Tech in Cyber and LOVED the price break!
    I have the Ready to Rulu leggings in 3 colors. I love how soft and warm they are. They have a high waist and it is snug, but not too tight.
    I’m 5’9 and think these are a great legging for tall girls. The ruching hits in the perfect spot right below the knee and comes down to my ankles.
    I have the black, cadet blue, and the adobe. The adobe is especially pretty.

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