5 Faves & a Dud: Super Fun Fact Edition

5 Faves & a Dud

I’ve been hard into watching standup comedy specials on Netflix lately, and than a few comics have joked about how women LOVE TO TELL EVERYONE EVERYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING. 5FD is often times an oooh aaah over pieces released 5 minutes ago, but this week it’s all about what I’ve been digging as the weather starts cooling off. (Forget the fact that it’s been 80 and humid since Sunday.)

I already own 80% of this list, and realized that I’m no different than the average female in so many comedy bits I’ve recently heard; homegirl has got doofy little tidbits of commentary on almost everything.

So now, I’ll leave you all with a little game that you will likely ignore and scroll past en route to the 5 Faves of the week: which fun fact goes with which fave?

5 Faves & a Dud – 10/9/18 – Super Fun Fact Edition

A) It cost me $8 at a random TJ Maxx in Mississippi.

B) I bought it in about 13 seconds in a conference room, while actively holding a conversation with someone about spreadsheets.

C) The UPS guy dropped it on a random girl’s doorstep instead of mine (our names are NOT that similar) and she ended up cold calling my phone # on the label to let me know she had it.

D) It’s pretty.

E) Bought it 2000mi away from home. Got home to realize I already own a doppelganger from who knows how many years ago.

This Week’s Favorites

From top, L-R:

The Dud

Athleta Elation Shimmer Tight ($98) in Mocha Latte and Sandbar Taupe

Shimmery pants are cool unless they’re the same color as your legs. I can put lotion on and get the same look for $2.99…? Shiny khaki isn’t really a good look on anyone.

In other news… I’ve been spending far too much free time updating my closet on Lulufanatics, as opposed to doing more constructive things like “build a playlist for the half marathon I’m running in 4 days”. I’ll get around to it. Maybe.

Priorities, amirite?


  1. Ok, so here goes… A) is RBX skort B) is camo FnF tiiiights!! I bought them too in about 13 seconds! C) is Sweaty Betty top. D) is Energy bra, and E) is NF trench. How’d I do?

    In other news, I saw the shimmery tights at Athleta last weekend when I was with my mom, and my first thought was pretty! but it looks like the color of my skin, which is NOT a good look. My mom loved them and wanted me to try them on. Um, no. Let me see this on a navy or maroon and now we’re talking.

    1. So I’m a little late on the answer key, but you are 100% correct! I saw the shiny Athleta tights in person yesterday. The sheen has a bit more ‘sparkle’ in it than I expected, I had no trouble not giving them a second look.

  2. I tried on elation tights this weekend (black aka steel grey, cinnamon aka purple and mocha latte aka pink). The khaki were just too awful a tone to try on – can’t imagine they would flatter as many people. I didn’t like any of them enough to buy them. The pink ones were too flesh colored for my skin – the darker colors weirdly showed the contours of my knees giving a shimmery effect with a door knob in the middle.

    Not sure why the luminosity energy bra reappeared and available in all sizes? that and a bali breeze long sleeve swiftly? The one thing I can say about Athleta is that their color game is very strong in coordination. Lulu could learn a thing or two from them.

  3. I work at athleta and those shimmer tights have been selling like hotcakes. I tried them on but could only see myself wearing them to a new year’s party once per year. I’m currently obsessed with the lulu align joggers!!! But holding strong!

  4. I saw some black shimmer tights (shimmer was gold) today at Target. They are Joylab, in case anyone is looking to rock the trend with a cheaper price tag.

    1. I *do* need to hit up Target for sexy things like toilet bowl cleaner later…

      I try to avoid rounding that corner by the activewear with habit, because when I discover a C9 or JoyLab top that I like, I end up buying 2-3 rapid fire. Heh. 😀

  5. I love the Glisten Bamboo Workout top and the sports bra as well. They can be mixed and matched with different pieces of clothing. I agree that those shimmering tights can be tricky. Choosing the right color is essential, if they are to work.

    1. I kid you not when I say I wear a Glisten LS to work at least 3/5 days of the week lately.

      As for the nude-colored shimmering tights, no one has yet to change my mind on them. Still a hard pass for this girl 🙂

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