5 Faves & a Dud: Black Fruit Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Brace yourselves, w*nter is coming. Yes, it’s bad enough for me to use an asterisk to avoid USING THAT WORD.

[Insert GoT meme here that you’ve all seen before and I’m too lazy to Google.]

In AthletiKaty Land, it means that today my outfit couldn’t decide what season it truly is. Picture this on top: the Athleta Criss Cross Dress, a lulu Vinyasa Scarf, a JoyLab Moto Jacket and gloves.

On the bottom? Bare legs and slip-on shoes.

Meanwhile in lululand, this cooler weather means we usually get a nice deep purple dropping at some point in the fall. This week, black grape and black cherry have returned! While I’m stoked on these two deep purples, I’m disappointed that no elves showed up on my doorstep with a black raspberry ice cream cone to go with them.

This Week’s Favorites


From top, L-R:

  • Zoned In Tight ($148) in black – varying levels of compression intrigue me
  • Stopover Jacket ($128) in black – hello cute ruching in back
  • Brave the Cold Jacket ($298) – ok fine winter sucks but fluffy jackets don’t
  • Free to Be Bra *Wild ($48) in black grape – don’t need totally want
  • APL TechLoom Breeze ($200) in black cherry – fingers crossed for a TechLoom Phantom in this color! If that happens, I’m about to be $200 poorer. Still keeping these on my radar.

The Zoned In Tight (not to be confused with 2015’s Zone In Tight) features lulu’s new “SenseKnit” tech, and SHAPE Magazine has already published an article about them. Well damn, now this makes me want to try a pair even more. According to the app, the closest pair to me is in New York City. Or one touch away from a second online order inside two weeks.

Between trying these tights on and the Ghost Race, I’m slightly bummed that I’m not available to impulse trip down to NYC this weekend for running and expensive pants! #firstworldproblems

The Dud

Jericho V Light ($48) in gris


If I want a shapeless flat gray whatever, I’m not going to pay $48 for it. I’ll go to TJ Maxx and pay $8 for it. I have my own personal issues with flat gray, mainly because my kitchen counters are a fugly flat gray, and every time I think about replacing them, I spend the money on fun things like vacation instead. So, my countertops are still a stupid flat gray.

Cool story bro.


    1. I just tried one on yesterday, and I’m not sure it will. My TTS 8 ran really slim and my store didn’t have a 10 in stock. I love the fabric and am seriously thinking about pulling the full-price trigger!

  1. Why is nobody talking about the stopover jacket? It’s omg amazing. I haven’t liked something this much in ages.

    1. I just tried one on yesterday and I am 100% with you on it. My TTS 8 felt a bit too tight and my store didn’t have a 10 in stock. If they did I’d have snagged it on the spot.

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