5 Faves & a Dud: WMTM Edition

5 Faves & a Dud

After a long drought, I suddenly find myself wanting to spend $$$ on lululemon again. I reverted back to 2015 Katy’s ways before leaving on my vacation and walked out of the store with 3 items: the High-Neck Free to Be Serene Bra [Review], the Breeze By Muscle Tank II and a splurge on a white Lean In Long Sleeve with the sole intention of layering it over a white bikini top poolside on vacay.

Thursday evening, I found myself procrastinating bedtime like a stubborn toddler. I ended up cruising WMTM for the first time in a bit. Suddenly I found my cart starting to fill up. It’s been a lot of the same lately, so I was surprised that more than a couple things caught my eye.

This Week’s Favorites – The WMTM Edition

From top, L-R:

The Dud

Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece ($89) in Efflorescent Dark Canyon Onyx Blue/Onyx Blue

This print has got to be one of the worst ideas lululemon’s design team has had in a while. The floral part isn’t so bad, but when you take this warm color and attack it with a medium blue, it’s awfulsauce.

When I was in lululemom last week, the ENTIRE markdown rack was busy busy prints. When’s it finally going to reach the decision makers in Vancouver that pieces like this are NOT an attractive way to win new fans of the brand?


  1. Hi Katy! Did you stay TTS in the Breeze by Muscle Tank II? Also, if you have a chance and put it back on, can you try the downward dog position and tell me if the tank rides up? I love my swiftlies for yoga, but I would like a little higher coverage but I am worried it will slide down during class. Thanks!! Love your reviews!

    1. Hi Erika! Sorry for being a little slow on the reply, that tank was at the bottom of the laundry pile 🙂

      I got a TTS 8 and threw it on this morning to do a down dog. It rode up a little, but only to my waist or so. While looser fitting, it won’t show the world what color your sports bra is – but you still may get a little bit of a breeze around the midsection 🙂

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