#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 3 Training Recap

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I wholeheartedly admit that this week was pretty, well, weak. I didn’t put in as many hardcore sweat sessions as usual, but for those of you who follow me on insta, you likely figured out I was on an incredibly necessary vacation. I should not feel bad about taking a few days off that I absolutely deserved, but I kind of have a little bit of slacker guilt. If I act like this for the next 14 weeks we’ve got problems. Week 3 and hardcore from here on out? I think I still stand a chance.

My weekly transcontinental adventures have concluded, and I am now planning on sleeping in my own bed for almost 3 full weeks. I have no idea what to do with myself aside from enjoy the laundry, train hard and use all the full-sized beauty products!

#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 3

Day 15 – Sunday 6/10

Take a Hike

The reason one of my recent 5FD’s was about a vacation wishlist? Because I already had one booked, and was actively planning outfits for said vacation. In the spirit of Lebron James, I took my talents (ha!) to Southern California and visited Joshua Tree National Park for the first time. (That NBA pun was more relevant when I began this post last week, I swear.)

The theme of the day was: SPF 30, hike, hydrate, repeat.

Day 16 – Monday 6/11


To the umpteenth degree. All 107 of them. I needed at least one day to sit and do nothing by a body of water. I honesty cannot remember the last time I took time off from work and spent that time legitimately unwinding. Usually I run around a theme park or up a mountain or something. But hey, I ate a salad. Delivered to me poolside.

Day 17 – Tuesday 6/12

Run 2mi + Hike 2mi

Desert View Trail // Mount San Jacinto State Park – Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs in June isn’t exactly an icebox. More like a microwave. I felt like I *should* have gone farther than those two miles, but it was 95 degrees at 9am. I headed out and got in two before feeling TOO toasty. Tomato-faced, I sat and ate breakfast by the pool afterwards (OMG AVO TOAST & EGG WHITES).

Then, I put my hiking gear back on to head up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway at Mount San Jacinto State Park. THOSE VIEWS THO. Totally made up for the 10-minute tram ride full of noisy annoying kids. At the top, there are a handful of trails, so I set out on the aptly-named Desert View Trail.

Day 18 – Wednesday 6/13

Travel Day

All fly and no run makes Katy a squishy girl. Free airplane booze doesn’t help the cause. I ate a quinoa dish for lunch and it made me more bloated than I can remember, ever. It took a solid 2 days for that to go away, so I was also dealing with THAT for both Thursday & Friday’s workouts.

Day 19 – Thursday 6/14

Run 6 = Warmup 2 + Tempo 3 + Cooldown 1

Programmed W/U Pace: 11:30/mi, Goal Tempo Pace: 9:00/mi

AGGGGHHHH I was feeling so good about last week’s tempo 2 on the treadmill (I blame the Nespresso for the false confidence), that I attempted this run outdoors. Disastrous just like last year’s were. First fast mile I clocked in an 8:53 and then promptly died into a powerless 10:29 for the second. That’s not fast at all. Check that steep fade in the middle.

I stopped to catch my breath and stretch for a minute before attempting a respectable push on the third fast mile, and I scrapped together a 9:15. The cooldown mile might have hurt the most.

I realized on the final mile of this run that I am feeling more gassed on these outdoor efforts not because of a lack of lungs, but a lack of power in the legs.

I need to get stronger.

Day 20 – Friday 6/15


5 @ 75% – 150lbs
3 @ 85% – 170lbs
1+ @ 95% – 3 reps at 200lbs because I can’t do barbell math at 6:53am. No belt!

75 Wall Balls
50 Sit-Ups
25 Burpees
50 Sit-Ups
75 Wall Balls

I hate wall balls with a burning passion. However, Joanna recommends them as strength work for runners. With the lightbulb realization after Thursday night’s run that if I don’t work on weaknesses they will remain weaknesses… I did the wall ball WOD. It sucked.

Day 21 – Saturday 6/16

Run 3mi HR<145

I woke up with legs feeling like lead. It probably didn’t help that I spent 3 hours in the car on Friday afternoon to get to NYC (alt-J concert, holla) and 2.5 more to get home on Saturday afternoon.

It was either put together a dismal performance on a 9-mile run, or try to shake off the cobwebs and give it a whole assed attempt Sunday morning before it gets super hot out. I chose option B.

It felt creaky and rough. It was a warm one out, so I did have to slow to a fast walk if my HR got as high as 155 and wouldn’t go down with a few deep breaths.

Earlier in the afternoon, this happened.

#SeaKatyWheeze Stats

This Week

Miles Run: 11
WODs Done: 2
Calories Burned: 1831
Miles Traveled: 3125
Nights on the Road: 4

Cumulative Total

Miles Run: 57.3
WODs Done: 3
Calories Burned: 7622
Miles Traveled: 14491
Nights on the Road: 9



  1. Thanks for the pics of your vacay. I’ll have to live through you until fall when I get Togo back to Newfoundland!

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