#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 2 Training Recap

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Alright alright alriiiight, it’s starting to come back to me. The mindf*ckery that long distance running can do to you was tinkering with my head by Tuesday.

Day 8 – Sunday 6/3

Miles Traveled: 3025 / Miles Run: 0

Early Morning at PDX // Not pictured: box of donuts in my lap

It’s amazing how much sitting on your rear end and not actually doing much can tire a girl out. My time in Portland was a bit blink and you’ll miss it, but hey – I went to the PNW for a weekend and it didn’t rain!

Day 9 – Monday 6/4

Run 7mi

Monday’s run took the place of the long one I should’ve done on Saturday, but work & jet lag had other plans. I had no choice but to get this run in by noon, because I had to leave for New York by midday. I woke up at 7:00a and heard rain steadily falling outside. Not amused. I then told myself if my coach can run the 2018 Boston Marathon, I can drag my ass out of bed and start my run while the tail end of the rain moves out.

Tight calves the entire way through. Left IT band pain flared up at about 6.5mi but on a 7mi run it is what it is. It’s no news that I’m no Speedy Gonzales but I’m happy to report my legs felt like legs and NOT dead weight. Felt like I was comfortably on autopilot for miles 1-5, the 6 was semipilot and the last mile a little tedious. Overall, happy with how the first 7 miler of the season felt.

It’s always the runs you don’t feel like going on that end up feeling the best. It was 51 degrees out and so wet that my glasses fogged up and I was running with blurred vision the entire time. 10/10 would run in Monday’s conditions again.

Day 10 – Tuesday 6/5

20,000 Steps

So I had to work all day, and was hustling around on foot plenty. I had 17,500 steps by the time I got to my hotel room after dinner, and my ego wanted 20k.

What’s a girl to do? Put in the AirPods and have an enthusiastic dance party on par with something Napoleon Dynamite is capable of.

Day 11 – Wednesday 6/6

Run 5mi HR <145

This run went SO. MUCH. BETTER than last week’s attempt. Seems as though the consensus on social media was because my outfit game was strong.

Day 12 – Thursday 6/7

Tempo Run (Warmup 2 + Tempo 2 + Cooldown 1)

Feeling the runner’s high from a Wednesday gone well, I had a bit of a revelation. I can’t dread the tempo run all day if I shut up and do it in the morning.

I live a mile(ish) away from my company’s wellness center, where I usually hop on the treadmill for tempo so I can set it and forget it. Given that the warmup is usually a 20+ minute slog before the meaty part of the run begins, I figured why not RUN TO the gym, so by the time I get there, I only have a mile or less left or warmup before getting into it on the treadmill. I think that may be my new MO.


With the assist from a Nespresso as preworkout, I was feeling pretty fast until one of my coworkers hopped on one of the treadmills next to me and started hustling out sprints at 10mph. Then again, I’m not in Captain America shape so I’ll take my two good miles at an 8:57 pace to the bank. Joanna said I did well enough to earn a third tempo mile in week 3.

Day 13 – Friday 6/8

Run 3mi HR<145

Sooner or later the “whee!” feeling of Wednesday and Thursday was going to fade. Friday felt meh at best. Knowing that I had 8 miles on deck first thing out of bed the next morning, I cut my losses and stopped at 3.

Day 14 – Saturday 6/9

Run 8mi

For Monday’s 7-miler it was 51°, my legs felt like they were on autopilot and I probably could have gone for 9-10 miles. On Saturday, every step took conscious effort. WELCOME TO JUNE Y’ALL.

Drop a Nuun tablet into a glass BEFORE your run and then stick it in the fridge. Ice cold amazing.

It was a toasty one, but I got it done before having to pack a suitcase (again) and go back to my second home – the airport.

#SeaKatyWheeze Stats

This Week
Miles Run: 28.3
WODs Done: 0
Calories Burned: 3281
Miles Traveled: 5759
Nights on the Road: 3

Cumulative Total
Miles Run: 46.3
WODs Done: 1
Calories Burned: 5791
Miles Traveled: 11366
Nights on the Road: 5

Overall, I’m feeling probably like I should about things. Getting back into the routine of running for a LONG time and being okay with it, just have to remember that June Katy must be willing to endure the suck so that September Katy will run a good race.

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