2018 SeaWheeze Special Edition Runner Shorts


One gripe I have with the way SeaWheeze shorts are distributed are that with MONTHS of lead time, one would think lululemon would be able to carefully orchestrate shipping so everyone would receive their shorts in the same 1-3 day window.

Instead, West Coasters spoil the fun for those of us on the East Coast who had to wait 8 days for theirs to arrive. I unfollowed the SW chat groups so they wouldn’t show up in my facebook feed, and I was doing pretty well… until someone who rarely posts on IG shared a photo and I thought WELL F*CK and scrolled past quickly and tried to erase them from memory.

Anyhow, safe to say that most people who are getting them have theirs by now. For those of you who haven’t seen them yet… here they are 🙂

Third time’s a charm! I think I may actually take the tags off of these! While 2017 was an improvement, I’ve got to say that 2016’s design was an absolute… DUD.


  1. Hmm we definitely sport different tastes in speed shorts. I loved 2016 registration shorts but not so much the rest of it and nothing has topped 2015 in terms of speed short collection for me yet but I like bright colors This just seems more mashed up. Lots of color combos for sure especially with your love of royal blues. The sad thing is that there are no more speed shorts just speed ups – and I find there is something a bit off about the redo that I haven’t bought any.

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