5 Faves & a Dud: My Vacation Wishlist

2018 is moving at warp speed, and I’ve used a whopping 3 vacation days so far to date. Needless to say, I probably should take a few days off from work. So, swim and summer pieces popping up all over the place, this week I’m sharing what’s essentially my shopping list… for when I actually get to take a vacation.

This Week’s Favorites

Clockwise from top left:

The Dud

Luggage-Unfriendly Floppy Straw Hats


Now, I’ve got nothing against protecting yourself from the sun and keeping cool while you’re poolside. My problem with floppy hats is that they’re cumbersome AF and don’t fit into a suitcase. I once got a fedora at Disney world, and then of course had to be the person flying home wearing a straw fedora that totally didn’t match my outfit. WAH.

Time to go troll Amazon for pool floaties.


  1. Sounds like you totally deserve a vacation!!! Still love your blog even though I don’t usually comment. Your posts always make me happy. Make sure you don’t overload yourself with work 🙂


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