Fitting Room: Lululemon Free to Be Serene High Neck & Run Off-Route Tank


With last Thursday’s tempo run out of the way by 7:30a, I had time to play at the mall after work. Katy happy. Wallet happy? Debatable.

Free to Be Serene Bra *High Neck ($58)

Likes: I’m into the high neck sports bra trend, so I was excited to see the Free to Be Serene *High Neck on the wall. I’ve always liked the straps of the FTBS, a mashup of the Energy and the FTBW.

However, the lower-cut option has always felt like it was too loose even though the band fit snugly, like it was made to accommodate women with larger chests. This high neck version seems to have rectified that situation. I’m wearing a TTS 8 here. IMHO, the band fits like an Invigorate Bra. Not as thick as the Energy, but far more supportive than a Free to Be Wild.

The neck is high enough to just cover the collarbone, so you have to be careful of which tanks you choose to wear it with. It peeks out of the top of my Sculpt Tank ever so slightly, but the Run Off-Route covers it.

Dislikes: None. I bought it. 🙂

Run Off-Route Tank ($58)

Speaking of… the Run Off-Route Tank seemed to be a hot item locally. My usual lululemon only had a 6 in stock, which is down from my TTS 8.

The tank is meant to have a looser fit. I still had room in it upon sizing down, yet I wouldn’t necessarily recommend TO size down unless you find yourself consistently stuck between two sizes. I can wear a 6 in a Sculpt Tank if it’s on sale, but I would still reach for an 8 if given the choice. Same deal here.

In the photos, I’ve got the FTBS on underneath, and the straps & neckline thankfully match up. The length seems a little bit short on me, but I chalk it up to the fact that I was trying on a size down.

Same light, airy fabric & feel of the trusty Sculpt Tank. If they had an 8 in glossy, it’s likely I would have taken the plunge.


  1. Oh thanks, I was wonder about these two. The tank reminds me of a strappy sculpt and I was wondering about the fit.

    I’m always looking for a full coverage bra but all the high neck ones these days have this weird “cut it” around the arm pit. Thanks for the high coverage but my business is now hanging out the sides. This one looks worth a shot.

    Thanks again for doing the leg work.

    1. My first foray into the high neck ish from lulu was last year when I found a Fast & Free Bra on markdown. That one doesn’t provide enough coverage on the sides for me to feel secure, but this one does. Had it on for both a run and a hike today and I didn’t experience any discomfort at all. Success!

  2. Good to know about the Off-Route tank. I bought the high neck FTBS too. I got home and wondered what the heck I was going to wear it with?! I totally forgot about the 2 sculpt tanks I bought last year! I’ll definitely give the Off-Route a whirl. It’s cute look, especially in the bright pink.

    Okay, new bra purchase justified.

    1. Hooray! I’m loving my FTBS so far. I know Sculpt Tankss don’t always seem the most fashionable, but I probably reach for them more than any others I’ve got lately, including the CRB.

      As always, happy to be an enabler to cute new gym outfits 😀

  3. My all-time favorite Lulu tank is the Fast Lane Singlet, so was excited to see the Run Off Route Tank in a similar fabric and I SWOON for a good turquoise. I found the the straps didn’t lay flat on me. I have a similar problem with the FTBS bra, the straps that go straight up seem like they’re too long, but the criss-cross ones are fine – weird. It wasn’t love at first sight for me, but maybe if it hits WMTM.

    1. I had that same ‘straps too long’ problem with the OG FTBS, which is why I don’t own any. I took this into the fitting room on a whim, and I’m glad I did 🙂

  4. Ugh, I was holding out on that high neck bra, but it looks SO GOOD on you. Now I have to try it on myself as well (much to the likely annoyance of my wallet) Thanks for posting about it!

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