Top Picks: Sorel Winter Sale


Two of my favorite words flew into my inbox this morning: Sorel & Sale. Sorel is having its Winter Sale right now, meaning you can snag some nice boots for a slightly less painful price while it’s still cold outside.

If I had a dollar for every time I saw a blogger use the word ‘obsessed’ on insta in the past year, I’d be able to buy one of every pair of boots I want, with leftover cash for 18 cappuccinos. I, however, do not throw that term around lightly.

It’s safe to say that I have a Sorel obsession, so I was beyond giddy when I saw SO MANY options in my size this morning. Here are some of my favorites:

AthletiKaty’s Top Picks: Sorel Winter Sale 2018


Might as well start off with the boots that I own, so I can add in an informed two cents.

Joan of Arctic ($180.00$129.90)

In 2013, the Joan of Arctic became my first ever pair of Sorels, and I was hooked. Wear them to the grocery store in anything but a blizzard and you will get funny looks. They are super warm, and admittedly a bit heavy. However, if you’re in a ski town or working outside when it’s super cold, they’ve got your back. My size 9’s are a bit roomy, and can certainly accommodate thick socks without wishing I sized up. Traction is ok.

Caribou ($150.00$119.90)

Mirror mirror on the wall, the Caribou are the clunkiest boots of them all.

These are heavy duty winter, and I’d say the thickest/warmest of my collection. Do not wear if you plan on spending a lot of time INDOORS. You will sweat. They’re rated for something like -20° F. Brrr. The soles have round nubs on the bottom to help you stay upright in the snow.

Whitney Short Lace Boot ($120.00 > $89.90)

DSC_0682Dark horse, here. From clunk to comf, these are the squishiest boots I’ve gotten from Sorel since the obsession began. They’re on my feet as I type this. They are sneaker weight and comfort, but have the same warmth rating as the Caribou & Joan of Arctic, plus they’re waterproof. I bought on a Black Friday whim and despite the fact that they might give a little bit of the cankle look from head on, comfort trumps all.

Joan of Arctic Wedge Mid ($250.00$184.90)

These. If you don’t own a pair, you probably should. My personal style is a bit rough around the edges when I’m not in gym gear (think skinnies, moto boots & a f*ck ton of black), so I love the edgy style of these.

I’ve got them in both brown and black, and love both pairs equally. At my height, I rarely wear heels (they hurt and I don’t need to be 6’1″), but the JOA Wedge Mid is as comfortable as wearing a pair of flats all day. Kind of dressy, kind of not, totally worth it.

Note: the main link leads to the brown, click here for the black/white ones.

Whitney Camp Boot ($110.00 > $79.90)

Walking in a pair of Whitneys is like walking around in a pair of waterproof clouds. I treated myself to the plaid pair back in December. With the short ankle, I do admit I struggle finding outfits to pair them with. A+ for comfort, but the short shaft is something to think about before springing for these.

Emilie Tall ($220.00 > $164.90)

These were a Black Friday buy a few years back in an effort to find a simple tall brown boot to replace the Vince Camutos that my CrossFit Calves grew out of some time in 2012. The bottom portion of the boot is a stiff & sturdy construction, but the suede shaft is floppy, like fabric. I don’t wear them as often as I thought I would, they run a tiny bit snug and I haven’t ever really broken them in.


Because I’ve been working a LOT lately, and damnit, I like boots. #treatyoself

Fiona OTK Lux Boot ($400.00 $299.90) in black

Fiona2I like the extra 10 cents off to make me feel like I didn’t just drop 3 benjamins on footwear. I’ve shied away from over-the-knee boot styles in the past, because I am a normal-sized human being, and not a twig. Not quite quadzilla, but I’m still nervous how they will fit. *fingers crossed*

Whitney Mid Boot ($120.00 $89.90) in black

WhitneyMidI’ve been going to and from the gym and grocery store on wintery weekends in the same pair of gray Ugg boots since 2009. It’s 2018. Can’t say I didn’t get my money’s worth out of those. Also, I don’t care if anyone thinks they look like a puffy jacket for feet.


Slimpack Riding Tall II ($215.00 $159.90)

Love the look, but couldn’t come up with enough outfits in my head to justify the expense, especially given how much Fiona set me back. Had to draw the line somewhere.

Danica Tall ($280.00 $179.90) in black

If the Fionas end up not fitting, I will return them and cross my fingers that the Danica is still available. I didn’t need both.

There are a ton of other styles on sale right now, including the Tivoli III that Kate Middleton was spotted wearing earlier this week. So, whether you want to dress like a Duchess or simply have warm & dry feet, what are you waiting for?!?!?


  1. Great comments and reviews. I’ve noticed sizing on Sorels to be all over the place. I have some old Alpine boots that ran big for me (regular, somewhat narrow feet), and just recently ordered the Tivoli III premium (on sale, before knowing anything about Kate Middleton…) in my usual size. Hope they fit… thx

    1. I’ve found that the big boots like the JOA & Caribou come with extra room, likely to accommodate socks. I have a few pairs that seemed a bit stiff and need breaking in right out of the box, but never to the point where I feel like I should have sized up.

      Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  2. I wisely resisted reading this post for days and days. After all, I don’t actually NEED more boots, right? But then, during a lull in our weekend Netflix binging, I broke down and clicked. Now I am the proud owner of my first pair of Sorel boots! Ok, proud and a little ashamed. But I bought the Danica tall boots in the quarry/black color, which turns out to be a sort of grey/black. I may have brown boots, black boots, and even burgundy boots, but I certainly didn’t have any grey/black boots! Until now. My ability to justify any purchase is a dangerous thing. I did wind up buying them from Amazon instead for $15 more, both because Sorel actually charges shipping (I seriously can’t remember the last time I paid for shipping on shoes) and because my feet are weird and hard to fit, so there was a very real possibility I’d have to return them. I like it when I can score free shipping on returns too. They’re great boots, super comfy and the color really is unique. Thank you for this post because it helped me find my way to a new favorite!

    1. We *always* need more boots. My male coworkers kind of roll their eyes when I get giddy over ANOTHER pair.

      I justify it in my head that I wear the same 2 pairs of shoes all summer long, and so fall & winter are my time to change it up and go all weatherproof fashionista on the world.

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