5 Faves & a Dud: Braids & Batteries

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Something rare happened this weekend. I logged onto lululemon’s What’s New page and I couldn’t tell 1-week-old upload from 2-week-old gear. Call me frozen molasses because I’m seriously lagging behind. Aspen’s been great, but sooner or later, even a long trip in a seriously beautiful place leaves you wanting your lion, witch and entire wardrobe back.

I’ve still got a lululemon gift card from Christmas burning a hole in my wallet, and it’s time to run down the things that I’m kinda sorta thinking about spending someone else’s money on. Heh.

5 Faves & a Dud – 1/30/18 Lululemon Edition

Energy Bra Braided ($58) in black

Freshly uploaded today, I am digging the slightly thicker straps. It also looks like the band in back goes a bit lower, meaning we may find nice support without anything digging un the underarms. Probably going to break the dry spell (who am I kidding it’s been not even 4 weeks since last buying any lulu) and order.

Define Pullover ($98) in black

I actually 1) spent my own money on this one back in 2016, and 2) am wearing it RIGHT. NOW. It’s a perfect middle-weight layer with a front pouch and sleeves long enough for tall women to take advantage of the thumbholes. Perfect for to/from the gym, groceries, life in general, this is one staple I’ve been happy to have in my closet.

Gait Keeper Jacket ($128) in black or dark olive

I’ve been trying to talk myself out of this jacket for a solid 2 weeks now. The collar is high, but doesn’t appear to choke you like a Define Jacket does, and the cute little flare is a nice girly touch. I could totally pass it off as my ‘dressy’ gym jacket, right? RIGHT?

The only confusing part for me is that hooray it’s rain-repellant, but there’s no hood. If it’s raining out, I’m wearing something with a hood. Thus, I will never fully take advantage of its rain resistance. I should probably go try one on in a store and pray that it looks stupid on me, so I can put this internal debate in my mind to bed.

Cloud Crush Jacket ($228) in black cherry

Like I *just* said, if I’m going to get a rainy thing, it’s got to have a hood. Having been in Aspen for the past few weeks I’ve had my fair share of outerwear style to drool over, and the dark purple hues have caught my eye more than any others I’ve seen out and about.

Here’s the thing, I’ve had a lululemon Rain or Shine Jacket that’s been doing its job since 2014, rendering a new one totally frivolous. Good on lulu for creating an item that lasts. Good on me for (hopefully) holding out on this one, at least until it ends up on WMTM.

All Your Small Things Pouch Mini ($18) in bleached starlight black

img_0937Let’s be real here, no matter how large or small, a woman’s purse is always an abyss. There’s a need to carry a ton of stuff, but nobody wants to have 42 tiny items floating around in the bottom of their bag. I have a few smaller pouches from various places (try Target’s cosmetics section, really), and you know what I love and use them most for?


What did she just say? Batteries, yes I did. Power. Charging cables. Portable power packs for my devices, and the shortened cables to go with them. As we all become increasingly reliant on devices that drain over time, it’s pretty common to carry a charger or some sort of juice wherever you go… especially if you’re one to wait a long time between upgrading your phone. I don’t blame you, those things are pricey. Small pouches like this help you not lose your expensive (and incredibly necessary) sh*t.

The Dud: Reveal Tight Precision ($118)

A few fun details are okay, but I’d be far too afraid to stick my fingers through so many holes, or snag them on something. Anything, really. #swisscheeseforpants

Duly Noted

  • The Energy Bra in crepe isn’t the most thrilling, but if you wear a bunch of pastels, it’s worth picking up.
  • Nulu is moving on up from the pants world, and is now used to make a handful of Flow Y Bras in black, dark forest & dusty dawn.
  • The Bring it Backbend Sweater is looking like it runs big. Like, size down almost 2 kind of big. Anyone sees this in store, let me know!
  • Speaking of running large, so does the Essential Tank. I see this heathered cool breeze, and I want it, because is it spring and time to start training for Seawheeze yet?
  • Play Off the Pleats Tight – do I like them? Do I not like them? I’m not sure if they’re cute texture and worth a buy, or if I can mimic the look by bunching up a too-long pair of WUPs.

Hmmmmmmmmm… really want that Gait Keeper Jacket. I REALLY WANT IT. Someone tell me I don’t need it. Or do I?


  1. I tried the Gait Keeper jacket on in store last weekend, and it was a total no for me. And I loved it on the upload. It was too short, and the peplum look in the back just didn’t work out for me. I’m a fairly lean 5’5″ for reference. Save the $$$.

    If you want a nice jacket, look for the sleet sprinter jacket. Oh my G, one of my girlfriends was wearing it the other day, and I was practically drooling over it. I combed through lulufanatics just to figure out what the style name was.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! If it’s short on you then at 5’9″ it won’t work on me. Funny you say that, I already have a Sleet Sprinter and I f*cking love it. I’ll save my money! 🙂

  2. Haven’t tried it on yet, but it seems like 90% of the “Bring It Backbend” reviewers caution to go up 1-2 sizes in anticipation of 1-2 sizes of shrinkage in the wash. Lame. Love the porcelain pink colour, though.

  3. I love the all sports bra and have been hanging on to two very old ones until a re-release so im all over that one! I remebered you picking up the define pullover last year, thought it might be on your list 😉 I agree with the dud..enough with all the holes and mesh!

    1. My only ever All-Sports were gotten on MD, as they started to phase out as I really dove into the lemonade. I ended up selling a 6 that I had in black, and sold my split pea one because I wasn’t wearing the color enough. I miss them both!

  4. I have the Backbend sweater from 2 years ago, and I think it runs pretty true to size. I’ve had no issues with mine shrinking, but I don’t dare put that in the dryer.

    1. I still remember the one time in college I let my favorite sweater go through the wash in a machine that “pre-dried” clothes. I ended up thumbtacking it to the wall to stretch it back out (and I did it a little too well).

      Lesson. Learned.

  5. Bring it Backbend sweater is actually gorgeous. I bought it in 3 colors. Black, The light grey, and light pink. i’m 51″ 34A, 25 waist and 35 hips. I bought a size 2 and it drapes very nicely. I like it a little oversized and long to cover my butt. I wore my Rag and Bone medium grey color skinny jeans w mid thight stewart weitzman black suede boots and the light grey sweater to dinner w my husband. The outfit really looked nice.

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