5 Faves & a Dud: Stewie, Spanx & Sprouts

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

BLAST! I was going to do a Valentine’s edition with a bunch of red stuff, but then I looked and realized we still have 8 days, and next Tuesday’s only the 13th.


So let’s scrounge up some non-red things instead. Perhaps in the whole ‘our CEO resigned because he did a mysteriously bad thing‘ thing, it seems like lululemon forgot to upload anything interesting this week. They uploaded stuff, BUT… meh.

5 Faves & a Dud – 2/6/18 Edition

Favorite #1: lululemon Run All Day Backpack II ($118) in persian red

Once upon a time in high school, I found a little red Le Sportsac backpack at TJ Maxx for maybe $20. I loved that little red backpack. So the price tags aren’t the same, but I still have a soft spot for little red backpacks.

The more I look at this thing, the more I want it. Ah! I don’t need. Don’t need. DON’T. NEED.

Favorite #2: Spanx Faux Leather Legging ($98) in black

Damn you, effective Instagram ads. One of my life goals is to never feel the need to buy Spanx or shapewear of any kind. If I do, I should probably unhand the cookies & beer, instead of buy even TIGHTER clothing.

However, I’d been searching for some sort of shiny/moto legging all January long, and I admit that the ad that kept showing up in my IG feed actually caught my attention. There’s a Spanx store 2 doors down from my local lululemon, so the other day when I was feeling retail happy, I tried a pair on. Double tap.

Favorite #3: lululemon Game Point Crop ($98) in black

So, these aren’t new to the lululineup. However, they seemed so meh online that I never gave them a second look, much less a third or fourth. So much so, when I was in lulu last week, I only grabbed them off the rack to try on because I didn’t recognize the name, and thought they *were* new. Whoops.

Welp, I’m happy with the result of my mental snafu. They’re the plain black ‘high-waisted & long on a tall girl’ crop that I’ve been waiting for out of lululemon. Some mid-rise luxtreme crops fall need adjustment on me, but these go a bit higher than usual.

Long story short, they hung in there with me during a Double Under WOD. A rarity. #athletikatyapproved

Favorite #4: Bacon Blue Cheese Brussels Sprouts by Eat the Gains


As a New England fan, can’t say I ended up on the happy end of the spectrum at the end of Sunday night’s game. HOWEVER, I found this kickass recipe to bring to the party. It was stupid easy to make, minus the tedium of putting blue cheese, bacon & toothpicks in halfway through.

With how they came out, totally worth the effort.

Favorite #5: This License Plate

IMG_1216Target parking lot, you’re a great place.

The Dud: Gargantuan Car Repair Bills

If you saw my Insta story, today was one of those days when you bring the car in for one thing, and then they call you about another (expensive) thing, and another (also expensive) thing an hour later.

IMG_1217CAR, YOU EXPENSIVE, BRO. Of course this happens after I order two pairs of Sorels last week.

Also, I tried on the Play Off the Pleats Tight last week. SHEER.

ALSO also, I bought the Energy Bra Braided in black from last week’s list, but haven’t given it a go yet. Feedback to come!

ALSO Also also… make the sprouts. 🙂


    1. Hi! Even though a lot of ladies don’t like the price tag, my Fast & Free Crops stood by me through tons of mileage leading up to Seawheeze. They’re still my top pick out of all the lulu crops that I own.

      I used to love the Under Armour Shatter Capri years ago, but I’m not sure they make them anymore. In the last 2 years, it doesn’t seem like they’ve been using the same Heat Gear fabric as they used to, which I thought was the bees knees. I try on new pairs occasionally, but nothing has wowed me from UA in a while.

      Can’t speak on any bottoms from Athleta, because their pants don’t work on me. In order to get enough fabric for my quads/hips, there is ALWAYS far too much leftover space in the waist.

    1. For a long time, I used to size up in Energy Bras, but lately came back down to a TTS 8 in the last 6-10 months. I went for an 8 in the braided one, and in the fitting room it felt great.

      While not super flat like the All-Sport, I liked the change-up with the straps.

  1. Ugh, sorry about the car repairs. That’s never a fun surprise.

    I was a little surprised when I tried on the Play Off the Pleats tights that i ordered last week. I knew immediately that they’re going straight back. The fabric seems so thin and insubstantial. I loved the green color but they are a big fat nope. I also tried on the Train Times Pant in Persian Blue and was disappointed by how flimsy that fabric felt too. And the Wunder Under high rise pants also felt thin (didn’t try them on, just poked the fabric in the store). Maybe I’m simply gravitating toward all of the pants with weird fabric. It’s either that or Lulu is cheaping out, which I really hope isn’t the case.

    1. I was surprised how significantly thinner they felt than the other pieces I tried on the other day. I actually checked the tag to see if they were luxtreme, and not fullux.

      I didn’t even have to pull them up all the way to know they were going to be a sheer, hard pass. Bummer, the detailing around the ankles was cute.

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