5 Faves & a Dud: Ooooh, Shiny Things!

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Once upon a time, I really didn’t like country music. In the spring of 2013, I found myself working at a NASCAR mecca in the middle of nowheresville, Alabama… Talladega Superspeedway. For those of you who aren’t familiar, race fans take tailgating VERY seriously, and Talladega Boulevard is the epitome of crazy race fun. So, one of my coworkers who’d been there many times told me to hop into the golf cart and we’d take a quick cruise up and down just so I could see what the big fuss was for myself.

I noticed two things.

  1. All I heard blasting from RV after RV was tons of country music. I did not like country music.
  2. Everyone I saw had a massive grin on their face and they were enjoying life.
The weather was absolute sh*t, but everyone in the infield was having the best time.

In that moment, I wondered… maybe *I’m* the one who’s doing it wrong. I was the only person for 2 miles with a scowl on her face. Maybe if it makes this many people happy, I should give it a chance. So began the bro country kick that I went on for a solid 2 years.

What’s the point of my race car anecdote? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Carbon38’s liquid-looking Takara legging has been popular for some time. So, what’s a lulu to do? The same thing that I did when I decided “hey, if that’s what the people like, let’s give it a shot.” Might as well hop on the liquid metallic awesome train and give us some sheeny shiny things to add to our Christmahanukwanzaakah lists. So, forget the cap of 5 and here’s all the shiny stuff, a colorway officially called ‘luminosity foil print black silver’.


Speed Up Tight 28″ Fullux ($108)

Train Times 7/8 Tight ($98)

Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Full-On Luxtreme ($98)

These are my personal favorite. NO mesh, no pockets, just shiny.


Run Times Short II ($58)


Hotty Hot Short II Long ($58)

LW7AL2T_031806_1Honestly, I like these a bit better than the Run Times, because of the lack of black waistband.

Speed Up Short Hi-Rise ($58)

Hold on a minute, I need to go grab a towel to wipe the drool off of my laptop. Yes, there’s the black waistband, but Speed (Up)s are my favorite lulu short, by a landslide.


Free to Be Serene Bra ($52)

Energy Bra ($52)


After I spend my money on electrobeam, they just *have* to go and upload a fun new Energy Bra again. I want this, just in case a rave ever breaks out at CrossFit. It could happen, amirite? #discoWOD

All That Shimmers Scarf ($98)

LW9AR3S_4780_1So it’s not the foil effect, but this is what you wear to keep festive and warm in case it’s an obscenely below-freezing temperature on New Year’s Eve. 98 bucks though… eh.

What Else, Eh?

Looking to steal the thunder of Alo’s popular moto legging, the Wunder Under Hi-Rise Mix & Mesh ($118) offers a new take on panels, in case you’re tired of Tech Mesh.


Energy Bra Laced ($58)

LW2APJS_0001_1While I’m a bit hesitant to hop on board with the styles that look like you’re trying to lift with a lycra spider web all over your chest, this is subtle enough to grab my attention in a good way. Athletikaty approved.

Get Flashed

While aero blue popped in as the bright color last week, this week’s honor goes to another orangey pink, flash light tone. It’s like a muted electric coral, a little bit salmon?

L-R: Tracker Short V, Sculpt Tank II, Invigorate Bra, Speed Up Short,

FLT is *not* to be confused with vivid flame, as seen in Free to Be Bra *Wild (below).


Predicting we see a bunch more of this in coming weeks.

Tied Not Dyed

While they’re pricey, I do like lululemon sweaters for work. I pretty much allow myself about 1 per year, and the Tied to You Sweater‘s got my attention.

Finally, it’s not Tuesday without a Dud, now is it?

Hey there, Laced With Intent Long Sleeve ($78), I see what you’re trying to do, but I just don’t like it.


Too much shirt, and the the heathering of black grape and WHITE just don’t do it for me. Whomp whomp!

This post just took me 18 years to write. I have been in a freaking GOOD MOOD all day long, dance party style, and damnit it’s tough to focus and type when you’re bopping along to a bunch of happy noise! So, yeah. Not a bad showing from lulu this week.

Now go find something to dance about, so I don’t feel like the only happy weirdo on the block. 🙂


  1. eeeeh none of the cage-y Energy bras for me (I already have too much cleavage as is and need ppl not to look there), but I want order the FTBS shiny bra. I need to see how shiny these are IRL first though

    1. The idea of shiny is appealing to me, but I too am on the fence about dropping even more money this month! If I find some in store, then I may fall in love on the spot. TBD!

  2. The Laced Energy Bra is adorable. BUT, the model is very small busted. She looks cute, but they should have used a B/C cup model (as the bra is intended for) so we could see the real story!

    1. I have at least 2 dozen energy bras – so I hurried down to the local store and tried it on this morning in the lace – in my usual size 6. It wasn’t awful and I lingered a bit over the black one but ultimately put it back on the rack. 1. If you have close cleavage when you wear an energy bra then your curves will peak through in the front – it didn’t look to risque when i had it on standing up and all “fixed” in the front. The minute I bent over they popped back to the middle. I think to wear it well your cleavage needs to be a bit more immobile 2. The lace brings the top of the bra up a bit and the top lace peeked out from the tank – but not enough to show off the lace part so it looks a bit odd (imo) – the clincher for me was that the lace pattern showed through my CRB (black camo on black lace energy bra) – not in a sheer way but the outline of the pattern pressed against the tank which I didn’t care for on me. For reference I am a 30 D or 32 C.

  3. I may be in the minority, but I just can’t get into the shiny items. I agree with the above comment tjat tje lace bra should’ve been shiwn on a model with more cleavage to het a true idea of it. Pass for me anyway. Now I love the speckled ombre vintage pink speed up shorts Canada got!! Those I need..hopefully I like the new shorts.

      1. I want what looks like a vintage pink swiftly tank on the model in the pink speeds link! and the ombre/speckle tights in pink that haven’t dropped (hmm i guess they are waiting until everyone has bought gifts to push them out)

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