The Fitting Room: Lots of Lululemon


Just gonna casually start this post off like normal and pretend like I didn’t just take a few weeks off from blogging. The “OMG I’ve been so busy” apology is in the 5FD post that I started two nights ago, and haven’t yet finished.

Before I stick my nose back into work for the day job, the least I can do is say HI THANK YOU FOR READING I AM NOT DEAD I PROMISE and here are some photos from my brain break from work at lululemon yesterday afternoon.

FUN FACT: blogging from a brewery right now.

Define Jacket ($118) in submarine

Beautiful color. I haven’t been sold on the way Defines fit me in the past, but this one? Improvement. Like.

Swiftly Tech LS Crew ($78) in Pink Paradise/Black/Lavender/Blue

Y’all LOVED this over on my instagram story yesterday. Within an hour, I had more than a few DMs in my inbox saying <3! Well, great minds think alike. Without checking my inbox before checking out, I had already bought this one and brought it back with me. I was eyeballing Flash Light, but it seemed a bit too similar to the neon pink I already own. Hooray, stripes!

Full Freedom LS ($88) in black cherry

The drapey V-neck is a little out of the realm of my usual crew-necked uniform, but I liked it. It seemed slightly short while covering just right in the back. As you can see in the photo on the left, the neck is a bit wide to allow the CRB sneak as the bottom layer. Booo.

Full Freedom Jacket ($108) in black

I didn’t read the tag, I just saw a high collar and grabbed it. As illustrated by the look on my face, I did not expect the crop. I’ve got a size 10 on here, which I tend to go for in jackets to accommodate my shoulders, despite going with my TTS 8 in many other lulu tops.

It’s cropped. The bottom band fit a bit more snugly around my waist than I’d expect anything with a 10 on the tag to. Be a bit careful if you’re looking into snagging this one. I loved the fit and feel on top, but practicality ultimately led me to leave this one behind. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough places to wear it.

Warm and Restore Sweater ($148) in black

After I took this off, I am 82% sure I had this sweater on backwards in the photo above. IDGAF. I took it off, put it on and it looked the same. So there.

Simply Wool Sweater ($98) in black

For all the plain black crew neck rulu & plain shirts that I own, I don’t actually have a plain black crew neck sweater for winter months. Now I do. Thanks, lulu.

Speed Up Short ($58) in crystalline multi/black

When the OG Speeds got the axe in August, I was worried. I tried on the new Speed Ups and ended up not hating them. They’re different, but not so insanely so that my favorite shorts were ruined.

Since then, I’m still waiting on a print to WOW me. Honestly, the only thing I could think about while trying this pair on was how I could use a tan. Purple’s probably my favorite color, but these just didn’t quite do it for me.

On the Fly Pant *Woven ($118) in midnight navy

I’ll concede they *look* okay, but ultimately I don’t like feeling how much freedom joggers generally give you, and these were no exception to the rule.

Rain Haven Jacket *Insulated ($248) in dark olive


I knew it was a daring move to take this into the fitting room, because let’s just pardon my french and declare the obvious that I fucking love jackets. LOVE them.

Shown here is a 10, and it felt a bit roomy. They only had this one in stock, so I wasn’t able to try an 8 for comparison.

As part of the insulation, there’s a layer on the inside, but only the top half. It’s warm, and essentially has a mini down vest built in. Warmth on the top where you need it, but not too bulky.

In Conclusion: I got the Swiftly and the Simply Wool Sweater! I probably only had the common sense to leave the Rain Haven behind only because yesterday I was wearing a North Face Jacket that I impulsively bought while out of town in Colorado this year.


Shop ‘Em All at Once: Define Jacket / Swiftly Tech LS Crew / Full Freedom LS / Full Freedom Jacket / Warm and Restore Sweater / Simply Wool Sweater / Speed Up Short / On the Fly Pant *Woven / Rain Haven Jacket *Insulated


  1. I want that swiftly so bad!! So cute!!! I just can’t decide between immediate gratification now with LS for casual wear or having a cute SS for the gym. Decisions, decisions…

  2. I’m glad you’re back, was a little worried your blog might be fizzling out. The only purchases I’ve made lately are re-released items: herringbone define and coco-pique wunder unders.

  3. Love your fitting room posts and love your purchases! They look great on you. Love the Ruby Red define uploaded this week, but can’t bring myself to pay 150$ (in Canada) for it. Haven’t tried the su shorts yet, but the pink ombre ones online have my attention.

    I need an opinion on align pants. I’d like to purchase my first pair, but the reviews are so not good in regards to the pilling?

    1. Pilling is a known issue with Aligns, unfortunately. However, I tend not to notice/mind because they’re so ridiculously comfortable and I usually wear them under dresses & skirts; the pilled part never sees the light if say.

    2. I have over 12 pairs and they are all I wear! I have had 2 pairs pill, but lulu has taken them back and let me pick out new ones! I absolutely love the aligns!

  4. I’m kinda put off by the models on the website whose asses look like they’re about to hang out of the speed up shorts at any moment. I’m eagerly waiting for the day you post a full review of them. I also can’t trust the reviews of the general petite community haha

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