Review: Lululemon Final Lap LS


After a long August into September (Pun intended, kind of. I know the song is December) at work, I decided that after working a more than a few extra hours I could indulge in a guilt-free new pair of the aeon Fast & Free Crop IIs.

I carved out some time on my travel day this past weekend to pop into a store I knew had the crops in stock, and far be it from me to be able to walk out of lululemon with only the one thing I went in for.

I really ought to stop treating lululemon like Target.

Review: Lululemon’s Final Lap Long Sleeve ($88)

One of the items that made its way into my shopping bag was the Final Lap Long Sleeve. I’ve been on a fangirl kick of luxtreme tops this year, so I think the fabric is what I couldn’t get out of my head as I motored through all the items I’d brought into the fitting room with me.


Loose, yet not oversized, is my preference du jour when it comes to tops. With such a penchant for tight pants, I try my best to balance it out by hiding whatever’s going on up top.


The construction of this top is a bit different. It’s a lighter more breathable fabric on top, with the UPF quasi-luxtreme meeting with a bonded seam halfway down to give the bottom portion of this top some weight.


It’s got what every lemonade-drinking lady loves in a long sleeve shirt, thumb holes! Some lulu shirts with thumbholes don’t work out for my longer arms, but these lined up great.


Lengthwise, it’s cropped. I’m got the high-rise Chase Me Crop on in these photos, and while all looks half decent, check how high this thing goes when I go to adjust my hair.



When looking at this one head on, it looks loose but not OH MY GAWD you can fit a toddler in there. But, you can. Okay, so maybe just your baby cousin. A cat or small dog, at least.


I am not pulling this fabric any farther than I am able to without stretching it. It’s a wide cut.


It’s not too difficult to tell that the tags are still attached.


I am still deciding if I will pop them off or not. I like the lightweight techie feel of this top, but I am still trying to weigh if I will ultimately wear it $88’s worth yet. Pair it with shopping spree guilt, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet.

If you like the cropped look and are okay with if your shirt flies around to reveal what’s underneath, then this is a great top for you.


If you prefer looser clothing because you want it to keep you covered all the time, perhaps steer clear.


I’m just sitting here on the fence for now. Comments section, what say you? Return it or keep it?

Sizing Notes & Styled With

  • Final Lap LS ($88) in black
  • Chase Me Crop ($118) – Shown in SeaWheeze SE print, solid colors available
  • Invigorate Bra ($52) in black currant
  • I am 5’9″ and wearing a size 8 in the Final Lap and a 10 in the crops, both true to size per the lululemon sizing chart.


  1. The top looks super cute on you! I’m really long-waisted so I’m sensitive to tops being too short, but you really pull this one off well. I’ve been loving some of lulu’s long sleeves this year. Recently got the Breeze By LS and I’m obsessed.

    1. Thank you! Still deciding what to do. Between lulu and StitchFix I ended up with 3 new long sleeve black shirts last weekend. I do not need that many.

      I do like the Breeze By, but haven’t seen it in stores yet! How does the fabric feel?

      1. Makes sense!

        The fabric feels really nice. Light and silky but not scary-delicate. I wore it during a barre class and didn’t overheat or anything.

  2. I wish everyone would stop loving those crops and put a size 10 pair on eBay so I can buy them because they are beeeee-utiful (#SeawheezeUnicorn)

  3. Did you happen to try the back in action ls when you were in store? I picked up a grey scuba and black align pants this week but nothing from this week’s upload, the back in action ls wasn’t in stores yet :/ definitely want to try before buying, there have been mixed reviews.

    1. I can’t remember if I saw the Back in Action or not. From the stock photos, it looks a bit *too* big (even for my tastes), so it wasn’t one that I had on my radar to hunt down.

    2. I tried the Back in Action on in the store. I’m an 8 athletic build and found it true to size. If you like really flowy tops then you might like this..I was on the fence and put it back in favour of a gorgeous blue swiftly LS on sale. I still might end up getting it as I liked how long it was on me in the back (i’m 5’9) and figured it would be a comfy top to pair with leggings when running errands and such. The blue was really pretty.

  4. It looks great on you! For the price, if you don’t love it and have a few black as you said, then i say return and hold out for something that really wows you..or more fast and frees 🙂

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