5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 9/19/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Fun fact: while my buddy who forgot his wallet races home to get it while I commence happy hour, I sit here writing the beginnings of this post sipping a beer in the booth of a random Irish bar in central Connecticut.

Currently trying to drown out the “I played semi-pro football back in my prime” “I just started lifting I had the genetics for it” “I walk outside on a 55° Sunday morning and I’m like AHHH!” coming from a loud Mr. Heyday across the room.

“Winning solves a lot. I like winning.”

* fast forward 3 hours *

Bar trivia broke out, and we won it by a landslide. What problem did we solve by winning this evening? A $25 bar tab next time we make it to Waxy’s. Nice.

5 Faves & a Dud – Lululemon’s 9/19/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Shape Up Pullover ($98) in black/heathered black

This past weekend, I brought two new black shirts home from lululemon… but the tags are still attached. Good thing, because one of them might be going back in favor of this piece. I’ve got more plain black long sleeve shirts than I can shake a stick at, and the blocking on the sleeves is just enough to make this one a little bit different, much like the black/herringbone stirrup WUPs from 2015. This top has immediately shot to the top of my wish list.

Favorite #2: Sweat & Savasana Sweater ($148) in inkwell

First the Sunshine Coast LS, and now the Sweat & Savasana… I guess I have half decent taste in sweaters, because two old favorites from seasons past have surfaced in recent weeks for another go around.

I must have been in a major DGAF mode last January, because I admittedly paid full price for one of these sweaters in black. If my memory serves me correctly, it runs quite a bit loose. I got an 8 in this one and still had plenty of slouchy room.

While a bit pricey,  I also need to make the case of how cute this would look with skinny jeans and some lighter brown boots. FALL. Hurry up. I’m done with this sweaty humid nonsense called summer.

Favorite #3: Speed Up Short ($58) in aeon

First off, aeon as a word is cool enough in its own right. The fact that it’s a nice purple color that’s not overstated (but not too dark that you can’t tell your blacks from your purples in a dark laundry room) will land this color on my list week after week until they cool their aeon-fueled jets up in Vancouver.


While I haven’t purchased any yet, I have tried on the Speed Up Shorts, and as a devoted Speed Shorts wearer I have to admit that I like the new cut and fit. Therefore, I’m just waiting for the right color to pounce on.


While it’s dark in studio lighting, pairing aeon with black brightens up the color in natural light.

While I haven’t purchased any yet, I have tried on the Speed Up Shorts, and as a devoted Speed Shorts wearer I have to admit that I like the new cut and fit. Therefore, I’m just waiting for the right color to pounce on.

Favorite #4: Kitsilano Long Sleeve ($68) in coco pique black/white

Am I a weird bird for wanting this shirt for the sole purpose of wanting to pair it with my coco pique black/white vinyasa scarf and be one completely mono-patterned blob from the waist up? Probably.

However, lulu thought that would be a fun stunt to play with a full outfit with the CRB2 in and the Wunder Under Crops in the stock photos.

For a split second, I paused and thought “UGH A ONESIE YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME”, thank heavens it was just a poor styling decision.

Favorite #5: Down & Around Jacket ($168) in dark cedar

Just going to sit here, gaze longingly at this cozy color and wish it were cold enough outside to wear something squishy warm and comfy like this.

The Dud: New Form Crop ($98) in heathered medium gray/black

SHHHHHH. You’ve got be really quiet about these things. If not, 2006 Katy is going to hear you and come out of the woodwork thinking gauchos are okay again. Then, she’ll try to do something silly like pair them with hot pink kitten heels and call it a perfect outfit to frequent all the best clubs in Madrid in.

You think I’m kidding.

I’m not.

At least my college gauchos were black. The gray is such a giant helping of…

Again, if you didn’t believe me about the hot pink kitten heels… this photo was taken at some point in March of 2006, right smack int he dab of my semester abroad in Spain.

Kapital 025.jpg

I wore those things ALL. THE. TIME. Kind of sort of super glad I can’t find any photos of me wearing these with gauchos. Phew.

I would have hit ‘post’ on this an hour ago, but I was too busy diving down the rabbit hole of old college party photos. Ah, the golden era of the ‘going out top’. Memories.


  1. I also need that Shape Up Pullover! And the coco pique long sleeve. (And I knew you’d pick those capri things as at the dud). And do you love your new aeon fast and frees? (Is that what they are?) They’re on my wishlist.

  2. I remember gauchos all too well, but I think these would look cute on the right body type (petite and tiny, not me), with heels and maybe a tight, right-above-the-belly-button crop top. I’m not totally considering them a dud.

    I saw a friend of mine wearing the aeon speed ups this past weekend. The color is gorgeous.

    1. Aeon is a bit more purple than I anticipated, but in a good way.

      I fully own up to loving on gauchos a decade ago, and I agree with your vision that HEELS are necessary to dress them up. When paired with flats/sneakers, all they do is make the wearer’s legs look shorter and wider than they are.

  3. Yup, black gauchos and black kitten heels for me in college as well. I thought I looked so put together. Haha. At least gauchos were comfy.

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