What We Love: A Breadtangle of Pizza


Being prim and proper is PARA LOS PAJAROS. For the birds, for you non-Spanish speaking readers. Make no bones about it, I’m sometimes a thirsty individual. (Let’s all gather around and blame Matt Bellassai’s “Wine About It” for making me give less f*cks than usual about what kind of random talkery I place on the internet.)

Sometimes you go home after the 5:30 WOD, sometimes you keep on keepin’ on to first the BBQ place across the parking lot from CrossFit and then the place a mile down the road to meet up with more CrossFit people… and then get home at midnight.

WWL1 copyFWIW, I’m hovered over my laptop writing this at 12:15a while waiting for a breadtangle of pizza to heat up. Otherwise, it’s beer for dinner. Post-workout carbs… am I right?

For those of you who have no idea WTF a breadtangle was before youtube was… here’s a taste of Teen Girl Squad.

Now my breadtangle of pizza is out of the toaster oven. Let’s make some quasi-inebriated comments about this week’s upcoming lululemon. I should have made a vlog about this. Up until right now, I haven’t exactly scoped the latest WWL. About to open up a Chrome tab and feast my eyes on whatever Katelin feels is noteworthy for the first time. My first look is your first look. It’s like a wedding day photoshoot but way less romantic and cute.

What We Love – 12/11/15


This dress would be reasonable if it weren’t DECEMBER. Hopefully lulu sells a cardigan real quick to make this appropriate to wear to the office. Can a girl get this dress in black please?

WWL2 copyNot a fan of the Splendour, and this uninspiring print isn’t doing it any favors. Still gonna yawn. Still gonna pass.

WWL2This screams two words that many people won’t make sense of but the business traveler will: AIRPLANE BESTIE. Usually I’m all about a Vinyasa Scarf on a plane (especially the  west side on a 6am heading south to ATL… it’s effing cold), but this somewhat-blanket looking thing with sleeves is far more attractive than a snuggie and it’s making me like it.

WWL3 copyWhat’s that? You’re the Define Jacket’s awkward younger sister? Ok, cool. Darken the fabric and lose the contrasting stitches and maybe you have something worth salvaging.

WWL4 copyHas anyone yet decided if these are a resurgence or last minute ditch of old goods that should have been sold this spring? Lighter colors somtimes end up being sheer. Assess your bodyweight appropriately per the size chart and procure los pants at your own risk.

WWL4Looks like a jacket but the description online claims that it’s got slim sleeves so that it can act like an inner layer. You know that that means? CROSSFIT GIRLS WITH LARGE SHOULDERS BEWARE. If these shoulders don’t fit… you’re screwed. If they do… good for you. Go toot your own horn where I can’t see/hear you do it.



  1. Yes! Teen Girl Squad! Love the homestar runner reference. Hope your breadtangle rocked. I’m definitely in the market for a sweater wrap blanket for travel. Let’s see how much the cocoon wrap ends up costing.

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