Upload.2 = Are There Even 5 to Fave?

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I think my lulu app is drunk. I feel like I had to pick apart the “What’s New” page with a scalpel and a magnifying glass to even notice the new arrivals. Agent Athletica’s eyes are better than mine, because she’s noting stuff that’s new tonight that’s not even showing up on my phone! Fail.

Well here’s somewhat of a stunted 5 Faves & a Dud, because some of this may have uploaded on Sunday night and I just missed it. I like to mess things up sometimes to prove I’m not a robot. :p

5 Faves & a Dud – 12/3/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Fluffed Up Vest ($138) in black

  This is both an easy and lazy pick. Why? Because while this vest is new to upload today, it’s not a new design overall. This exact vest was a birthday gift from my Mom last year, and I wore it to pieces all fall and winter long! 

I plan to do the same again this season. A fun plus is that there’s a reflective strip along the front, with 2 tracks. You can zip to show it, or zip to hide. Plus, if you zip to show the reflective detail you’re buying yourself an extra inch of space when you’re layering up. NOTE: this year it is being sold ONLINE ONLY. Also available in inkwell.

Favorite #2: Flow Y Bra IV ($42) in heathered slate/black

  So the color scheme is not THAT exciting, but it’s extremely useful. I may end up buying this in a weak moment if it doesn’t sell out, because I know I’d end up wearing it a lot.

Favorite #3: This Ciroc & Soda with Lime

  Because I’m drinking it right now. πŸ™‚

Favorite #4: The annoying group of businessmen in suits next to me

No photo because they are literally within arms reach and would notice me creeping with a camera phone so closely, so enjoy one of everyone’s favorite man in a suit: Barney Stinson.

  …Because the suits are not as awkward to overhear as the oral surgeon who had a few too many cocktails at the hotel bar who really liked to tell an old story about how his suitcase got lost and that caused him to have to live in a Westin for 6 months. He bets the staff at this Westin that they don’t even know that New Orleans also has a Westin. *facepalm*

Favorite #5: THESE.

  I know. They’re unreasonably expensive. They also dropped a week ago. Now that I’ve tried them on… I WANT THEM EVEN MOAR. Ugh. Anyone who won’t miss $300 as much as I will want to buy these for me? #kthx


  1. those pants! i love em! i need to take my skinny grooves for hemming sometime this weekend. i foresee a try-on. but i really shouldnt. who am i kidding tho – i probly will.

  2. If I didn’t already have both colors of the Fluffed Up Vest from last year, I would get one! Agree that it’s a great vest, and agree that the double zipper feature is so useful! Did you see the berry rumble bordeaux drama herringbone WUP? They deserve a fave 5 spot, IMHO.

    1. I did see them, but for some reason they just didn’t jump out at me! As illustrated by #3, at the time of this posts’ writing I was clearly not exactly kinda sorta maybe not thinking… clearly πŸ™‚

  3. lol @ 3 and 4…and the vest is fantastic – I have it in Alberta Lake from last year and love it…also totally ended up getting the reflective snake speeds and really like them (of course it’s way to cold to actually wear them right now outside running in the am bc it’s friggin cold, but one day…)

    1. Got the herringbone WUP today and love them!! TTS, very stretchy, pretty, and slightly brushed inside, and looked great when I tried them on with the Grain Fluffin Awesome Vest currently on WMTM. Nice color combo!

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