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How was everyone’s weekend? Nothing says ‘solid Saturday night’ like passing out on the couch around 6pm for a nap, only to pass out again on said couch from 11p to 5a, and then go upstairs and get into bed and sleep until 10a. In my defense, this was all preceded by a long day/night in NYC on Friday, and waking up earlier than I would have liked to yesterday so that I could don my plaid Wunder Unders and run an Ugly Sweater 5K. The run itself was not my best work, but hey – there was a free silly hat and beer at the end!


FWIW, I’m also wearing the recently re-released Fluffed Up Vest in this photo… and eesh I was warm. 50-plus degrees out and I was sweating up a storm. That vest is warm, people!

The latest WWL isn’t sparking much excitement for me, which is likely why I’ve dragged my feet all weekend in writing it up. Coffee & breakfast down the hatch, CrossFit Invitational watched, I guess it’s time to write before embarking on a super fun adventure to Lowe’s to find a shelf. So exciting, right?

What We Love – 12/8/15 Upload

WWL1 copyThis does not jazz me. The gray detailing itself falls flat, not to mention the stitching in the front does the same for its wearer. Hopefully there are some other colors that will upload and rescue this design. Not lulu’s best work.WWL2 copyI am still searching for loose, functional waterproof pants with pockets. Perhaps these will fill the void, seeing that the Beat the Sleet Pant II (sweaty clammy) and the Wind Runner Pant (no pockets aside from the waistband) have eluded me. A fun component of these is that they come with secret tights underneath, so they’re actually a two-fer! Even though they don’t look that flattering on the model, I’ll have to give them a try on.WWL2Fleece. Rulu. Thumb holes. All the makings of a ton of warmth. Again winning with the winter white, I like. Plus, cute ruching in the back!WWL3Saw this in the NYC store last week, and I like the crossover the styling of the hood in front. But, it’s more white for me to get dirty. Maybe this will come out in a bit less of a stark contrast? I should probably stop making mention to getting white dirty all the time, you all probably think that I live in the mud.WWL4 copyLet’s take a plain old front zip and swerve the zipper to the side. *yawn*WWL4Brush Stream White Black, you’re somewhat fun. Not fun enough for me to spend money on, but fun nonetheless.

Seeing that I dipped into this month’s lulu fund already for the Sunshine Coast LS, I’m secretly happy to see nothing on this week’s WWL that I’m anxious to buy on Tuesday.


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