Lululemon’s New NYC Flagship Store


 Miscellaneous business travel continues, as does what reader Nina cleverly dubbed the ‘lulu roadshow’!

This time, go big or home, ladies. I’m in New York City. I had some time to kill before meeting one of my long lost college friends for dinner this evening, so Lululemon flagship here I come. πŸ™‚

Located on 5th Avenue at 17th Street, Lulu’s latest outpost in the city has been open just about a month now. At 11,000 square feet, there is tons of room for tons of product. Bright, shiny, and full of friendly staff who were all too eager to have Backstreet Boys & Christina Aguilera dance parties, which, in my opinion is a good thing. 


For someone who’s a regular stalker of lulu’s inventory, it was admittedly overwhelming to see pretty much ALL OF IT in one place, including the special edition Lights Out capsule. More on that later. 


The flagship also features the biggest share of the sales floor dedicated to menswear that I’ve seen so far. It seems to me that 25% or less of a typical lulu store’s retail space is for the gentlemen shoppers, but almost half of this location was menswear. 


Unfortunately, the part of the store I was most curious to check out got cordoned off at some point in the 2 minutes between when I got in line to pay for my new Sunshine Coast LS (ahhh it’s dreamy I couldn’t resist) and when the ed handed me over my shopper, the velvet rope was up!

What I’m referring to is Hub Seventeen, a new ‘community space’ meant for everything from holding group classes, meetings to just having a space to sit with friends for coffee. I’ve seen a few publicity photos, but wanted to check the space out for myself.  Better luck next time!

If there is one and ONLY ONE takeaway from my trip to the NYC flagship: THEY HAVE SKINNY MIRRORS. πŸ˜€


  1. On that note, I can’t imagine how much more I would’ve bought if all lulus had good mirrors and lighting. Cmon, at least make me feel like all the workout clothes I’m trying on is doing something for my progress!!!

    1. I’ve always wondered why more retail outlets DON’T have skinny mirrors and flattering lighting. It’s boosting their sales and my self esteem.

  2. oohh so bright! my beef w/ the lulu stores in my area is that theyre so poorly lit. except maybe the sugarland store, which is tehcnically not houston…

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