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What We Love: Brace Yourselves

Sorry, had to. Winter is coming in not just lulu land, but all over the place. I’m actually pretty annoyed with Target at the moment. Thursday afternoon, I went in to buy Halloween candy and decorations to pass on this BOO! game that went around my department at work. Two days before Halloween, totally normal.

Last night, I pop back into Target to pick up a birthday card for a friend. ALL THE HALLOWEEN STUFF WAS GONE. What was in its place? Red, green and snowflakes. Halloween hadn’t even happened yet, and just forget about Thanksgiving. Slow your roll, Santa.

At any rate, Official lulu winter begins on Tuesday, so we can expect to see some new colors (hello raspberry glo light and hopefully goodbye alarming) get into the mix.

What We Love – 11/3/15 Upload

Woohoo, warmth without bulk! This looks like the Fleecy Keen’s equally attractive cousin, which will likely have a steep price tag to come along with it. Winter white win.

Survey says: Like.

In case you’re zipper challenged, this pullover does half the work for you. Come to think of it, this is excellent for when you’re trying to get warm quickly and don’t want to take your gloves off to bumble with getting the two ends of the zipper to line up. 

Survey says: Like.

We’re really getting down with the down this week! This is an excellent use of forage teal. Jazzes up the outerwear look, and is complementary to both black and brown hues. Everybody wins.

Survey says: Also like.

Katelin says they’re making some updates to the Scuba III’s fabric to cotton fleece, with the promise of more fun colors. Black wasn’t the best choice to show off the newness, as it’s too dark to show off details. Whomp whomp.

Survey says: I like the model’s hair.

I squealed out loud for joy when I saw this. So the US still has to wait and this color should have been released in JUNE and not November, but I’ll take it when I can get it.

Survey says: OMG LIKE YAS

Lastly, the Definitely Raining jacket is shown in Black Swan, which is a slightly less severe black… There’s a grayish midnight twinge up in there. Curious to see in store.

Survey says: sort of like.

What is everyone looking forward to this coming week? First product drop of the season usually means it’s a big one. Good thing my monthly lulu budget refreshes itself at midnight πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “What We Love: Brace Yourselves”

  1. I can’t wait for that CRB to hit the US! The dull wee stripe bon bon CRB is going back to make room. Why couldn’t they have just offered a solid bon bon? Also, I was totally on the fence about that ziggy blue snake CRB until I saw your posts about snagging it at the outlet. I blame you for basically forcing me to buy it when it went on WMTM this week. πŸ˜‰


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