This Week’s Upload: Swans Are Not Grapes.

5 Faves & a Dud

Hotel WODs are the pits. Ever since my company stopped letting me expense drop-in fees, I don’t go on too many CrossFit adventures while I’m out of town anymore. At the going rate of $20/visit, that -ish out of pocket adds up quick, especially on top of the membership fee I pay to my gym at home that I can’t use because, well, I’m not home. Of the 15 or so affiliates I’ve visited, I’ve been to 2 who didn’t charge (Shout out to CrossFit Little Rock & Tribal CF in Chandler, AZ), and the rest of them are at least worth Andrew Jackson’s face to sweat it out for an hour… each time. So, hotel gym it is. If the gym truly sucks and the hotel is at least 5 floors high, I’ll just run up and down the stairwells.

So I got done with work for the day and changed into my gym clothes, but then I realized that upload is earlier due to the fact that I changed time zones for the week. Soooo I’m just going to do 10 air squats in my room next to my laptop each time I hit ‘refresh’ and upload isn’t there yet.

5:00p Central = READY, GO!

10 done.

*refreshes* dammit.


*refreshes* dammit is this really a good idea?


ugh I’m getting toasty


If lulu screws up again, how many am I willing to do?


This is when I realize in my fog that upload is usually 7:00p ET. Well hey look at me, I did 50 air squats already.

Sitting now… OOMPH, I need to do some mobility after yesterday’s treadmill sprints.

5 Faves & a Dud – 11/3/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Down For a Run Vest ($138) in forage teal

20151103DFRVestAs I noted in last Friday’s recap of WWL, this one is gorgeous. For those of you who restrained yourselves and didn’t make like Tonto and jump all over the Fluffin’ Awesome Vest when it was released, here is the reward for your patience.

Favorite #2: Run: Speed Short ($54) in painted animal bordeaux drama black/bordeaux drama

20151103_SpeedsBecause Speed Shorts. Duh.

Favorite #3: Energy Bra ($48) in heathered slate

20151103_EnergyYeah yeah yeah, boring choice, I know. But, whoever buys this is going to wear it all the time. A heathered slate Energy Bra is the GOOD kind of basic, not the annoying leaf-frolicking frappuccino-slurping kind.

Favorite #4: Down for a Run Pullover ($168) in black grape

I think Katelin was having a movie night hangover when she wrote last week’s WWL, because I could swear at one point she referred to this color as ‘black swan’ and not black grape. Yeah, check the description of the Definitely Raining Jacket. Totally called it black swan.

Also, I like the contrasting rulu, gives this a nice layered look. Depth FTW.

 EDIT: So my movie theory is false. Through the wisdom of Agent Athletica, I now know that this color was once upon a time called Black Swan, until the movie people and lulu got in a bit of a scuffle about it. Black grape it is.

Favorite #5: Run All Day Pack *Fibre Optic ($158) in black

Not exactly a groundbreaking design, but I really like the double straps in front and the smaller size for day hikes. Just enough to stash some keys, water, snacks and an extra shirt, but not enough for extra bulk. While the price tag is too steep for my budget, I’ll definitely keep an eye out in hopes that it will one day end up on WMTM. Long story short, please nobody buy this backpack now, so that I may buy it at a lower price later. Thanks all 🙂

The Dud: Swiftly Tech Half Zip ($88) in heathered gator green


While I *do* like the gradient idea… the color choice falls flat and the price tag is the nail in the coffin. Sorry, shirt. A for effort, D for execution.

Additional Notes

  • At first I thought to myself, how in the WORLD are plain black full-on luon High Times sitting in the Orlando outlet in copious amounts for $79, while they’re uploaded as ‘new’ tonight? I’m willing to bet that the black ones are now being modified to include the new secret change/card pocket in the waistband that became standard on the more recently-released colors of the High Times. I first noticed the magic pocket late this summer.
  • I was honestly expecting more out of this week’s drop, given the fact that it’s a new month. Oh well, it’s good for the wallet.
  • Tender Violet is popping up all across the pond, and the only taste of it that the US sees this week is the Fly Away Tamer headband. It’s a promising color, I hope there’s a CRB that comes from this. Soooo much purple on international uploads right now!


  1. I agree, I totally expected a better upload. The UK got some beautiful stuff, including a fuel green scuba iii that has my name on it…

    Only the Down for A Run jacket in white for me tonight, but I am guessing it will be returned because I don’t think I trust myself with a white jacket. But it’s so pretty. Darn it.

    1. Now you’ve got me trolling the UK upload… I want all the purple! I share your fear of the white jacket, I can’t go anywhere without having a run in with makeup or dirt.

  2. Oooh I missed that heathered slate energy bra. I have a random grey one I bought off ebay but it probably should’ve been thrown out by now it’s so ick. Energy bras haven’t been as comfortable on me for the last ~6ish months. I’m tempted to get it because it’s such a nice basic, but ugh, there’s so much else I’m already thinking of ordering. Sigh.

    Also: black grape used to be called black swan as of like 2013ish, but they got in some hot water over it because of the movie or something, so they had to change the name. The color code for BG is still BSWN, which betrays its original naming.

    1. Ah, that explains it! Veteran knowledge for the win 😀

      I too am tempted to order the slate EB because how useful it would be, but I need another Energy Bra as much as I need a hole in the head.

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