The Fitting Room: Kanto Catch Me LS


The Kanto Catch Me LS seems like it’s on pace to be come this season’s Rulu “it” top. It’s got a flattering boatneck and angled panels on the back aiming to give the top a slimming effect. So, in my latest store trip, I had to drag one into the fitting room to try.

The Fitting Room: Kanto Catch Me LS ($88)

Lulu’s size chart and my measurements indicate I should be an 8 up top, but I sometimes find 10’s to be more flattering and comfortable, so I brought both sizes in with me. My store only had the blue, regal plum & heathered herringbone heathered white slate. Herringbone it was.

First Up: Size 8

Last year, my go to post-WOD layer was the Race Your Pace LS. I have a 10 and it was fitting a bit loose this morning, which is why I brought this size 8 in with me. I never met a size 8 CRB I didn’t like, but this shirt felt a bit small. Definitely a ‘slim fit’ as described on the website.

IMG_1043 IMG_1044

While it didn’t feel constricting, you can tell by the shadows this isn’t a top to wear if you’re having a fat day.


As with any boatneck, your racerback straps are going to show if you use this as a layer in a casual or post/gym ensemble. Pardon the space face and the rudimentary two-handed selfie. Rookie/grandparent move, I know.


Here’s how the size 8 looks from the back. (In case anyone’s wondering, yes those are the recently-released stirrup WUPs with the stirrups cuffed under.)

Next Up: Size 10

IMG_1052 IMG_1054

The 10 was a bit roomier and played nicer with the harsh fitting room lighting. Side note: why are fitting room lights always so mean? I thought they’re supposed to make you look good enough to want to buy the clothes, not vice versa.

Now… here’s the kicker with the Kanto Catch Me LS that I didn’t expect and do not like: 


IMG_1050 IMG_1049

In an effort to cover more of your hand and keep you warm, lulu incorporated this odd flare to the end of the sleeves. They sleeves stuck out past my knuckles when making a fist. If you scroll up and look closer at the other photos, you’ll notice what I’m talking about. It felt strange.

Long story short, even with gift cards in my purse – I wasn’t wowed enough to take this top home. Those damn sleeve flaps.

I guess I should be thanking the funny hippie sleeves… after all, they saved me $88 today. 


  1. I tried this exact top on today, and I really liked it. It was super soft and cozy, and it was flattering on me. However, $88 + tax seemed too high. Plus this is a little heavy to get enough wear to justify the price here in Florida. Maybe if it goes to WMTM or I find a good score on eBay or FB.

    1. Hi Samantha! I’ve found that herringbone weaves are generally a bit thicker than their counterparts. Maybe another pattern in the Kanto Catch Me wouldn’t feel so toasty?

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I got the feeling that any time I’d reach for something wearing that shirt that the sleeves would flip back on themselves. If they update the design to include sleeves the length of a Swiflty LS, then we’d be talking business.

  2. I LOVE this top. I needed a warm white top for my crazy flying trapeze obsession and this was perfect. It was really soft and I’ve worn it a couple of times. The sleeve ends laid flat for me and I had no issue with the hand part. Mine looks totally normal, didn’t wave. (I checked after your post). And it looks really cute under a vest too. Have you tried on the sunset salutation shirt? Also rulu and could pass as work attire. I

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