What We Love: Jewel Tones

What We Love

I think the fact that I ran a half marathon yesterday sucked all the energy out of my brain and into my legs, because I can’t think of a single witty rhyme or one-liner that goes with ‘jewel tones’. Yeah. That. Will recap the race soon! But for now… the usual sneak peek at what’s headed our way Tuesday.

Because if cranberry and bordeaux drama weren’t enough, let’s mix them together into wine berry 🙂

Not entirely sure about how I feel about lulu fleece. I got a fleece vinyasa marked down last year, and it’s super stiff and thick (that’s what she said) – so I hardly wear it.WWL2 copy

I’m liking Dark Fuel! Gator Green had a long run in late summer/early fall, so I’m happy to see Dark Fuel sneaking into the mix. Dark Fuel is to green as Alberta Lake is to blue. I think.WWL2

Another FTBW! Shocker. Can the US tap out on this style already? I don’t care if it’s one of the nicer ones they’ve come out with lately. There are too. freaking. many.WWL3 copy

The Kanto Catch Me LS is coming on strong, with new patterns dropping 3 weeks in a row. This time, Coco Pique Black White. I really want to try this piece on. I still have 6 hours until the Patriots kick off and another birthday gift card burning a new hole in my pocket. Hmmmmm……WWL3

Not the best choice in photos to show this one off. Lululemon stock photos have been a fail on showing waistbands of pants in their entirety lately. Looks like a thicker waistband, and my guess is that it may have a slanted zip pocket in the back (a la Rebel Runner Crop) for keys/phones. The pattern shown is Dramatic Static.WWL4 copy

The latest wave of Wild Tanks continues in Heathered Forage Teal & Dramatic Static. Not quite understanding the fall/winter colors in what’s clearly a summery tank?WWL4

I do enjoy the off-centered closure (plus magnets!), thumb holes and hood, but unfortunately the boxy shape makes it an easy pass.

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