The Fitting Room: Daily Practice Jacket / &go City Trek Trouser


Next up from the latest store trip (on which I surprisingly walked out with only one pair of the Light as Air Hipster and nothing else, given the hefty pile of stuff I tried on & gift cards in my purse): a piece that sold out SUPER FAST in Sapphire Blue a few weeks ago, and one of the latest adventures in tailored pants.

Daily Practice Jacket ($118) in Sapphire Blue

IMG_1068 IMG_1064

As you know, the Kanto Catch Me LS is a slim fit, so it’s not to be worn on fat days. But, it still felt alright. Given the raging popularity of the sapphire blue (it sold out in about 24 hours), my store only had 8’s of the Daily Practice to try on. As soon as I zipped it up? OOMF. While the KCM felt snug, this jacket felt plain old TIGHT. If that’s the look you’re going for, order yours TTS. If you want any amount of breathing room? Perhaps not in the mood to feel like a sausage? Size up.

&go City Trek Trouser ($148)

IMG_1077 IMG_1076

I’m always a bit cautious with lulu tailored bottoms. Some result in true love, others result in a YIKES. A lot of the reaction depends on the fabric used. The &go City Trek Trouser is made of Urbanite Twill, which I hadn’t tried on before. Survey says, I like them. There’s a bit of give in the fabric, unlike traditional khaki.twill pants. They were a nice relaxed fit without feeling too loose.


My only reservation is that pants with just back pocket flaps tend to make my butt look too big if they sit too high. While I’ve seen worse on me, I’ve also seen better. My preference leans towards pants with the entire pocket sewn on the back, or nothing at all. Also, as far as length goes, they seemed slightly longer IRL than they look online.

Overall, I liked them. I didn’t like them for full price, but if I see them on a sale rack, I’ll commit.


    1. Ooooh I didn’t even think of that! The $148 price tag is still a bit steep for my liking, so I’m going to hold out and hope they eventually go on sale.

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