WMTM Alert – 6/11/15

lululemonWMTM Alert

Pardon while I spout off a few lunch break notes right quick. Here are this week’s updates to WMTM that jump to mind at first scroll:

  • Item count only increased from 18 > 22
  • Most of the heavier jackets have been removed for the summer
  • 2 colourways of 4-Way Speed Shorts now available (EDIT: Now only Star Crush Black Cherry is available… you lucky size 4’s and 6’s, you!
  • That reptile print CRB is still around…
  • What the Sport short in available in Neon Alien Warfare (iridescent multi) & pigment wave multi
  • All sizes and colors of the All You Need Bra are available. Tried this one on recently and was a big fan, only didn’t buy because it doesn’t have any cups. I don’t believe it has spaces for inserts, someone who owns this bra may correct me if I’m wrong!
  • I’m interested in the Run a Marathon Crop, but only a size 12 is available
  • Still can’t bring myself to grab that camo Run for Days LS until it dips below the $50 price point


  1. The All You Need Bra does not have inserts. A cute bra, but that’s why it’s on WMTM I think. As a small-up-top girl, pads give me some shape and the needed coverage. Come on lulu!!

    And lol on neon alien warfare 😀

    1. I totally double checked when I was at a store yesterday and you’re right! I wanted to love this bra, but I’m not ok with letting people know how cold it is in the room, if you get my drift 😛

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