This Week’s Upload: 5 Faves & a Dud

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

2015-06-09 Feature2In the past month, Heathered Jewelled Magenta’s been all over each upload. It’s a pretty color, but to be honest, at 5’9″ with long blonde hair, I’m not trying to look like a real housewife of (insert miscellaneous yuppie location here). To avoid the Barbie look, I only caved and got the JM Energy Bra, because I needed another bright solid to keep my well-loved Pipe Dream Energy some company.

I love me some purple, and was super excited to see the cooler hue of Iris Flower on a few items on top of the “What’s New” page tonight. Yet, all this talk about Iris Flower and Grapefruit ends up running the table on my weekly top picks.

It’s been 7 days and here I am feeling like it’s an eternity since I last bought anything new from lulu. Apparently my perception of time is extremely skewed. Let’s get to the top 5 of the week, shall we?

5 Faves & a Dud – 6/9/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Runbeam Hoodie in texture twist white black/black ($98)

2015-06-09 RunbeamI know… I featured the Runbeam last week. I LIKE IT! The texture twist helps to rectify the sort of see-through thing the Toothpaste has going on. I may actually end up getting it in Lullaby if I do break down and decide it’s worth $98. Love the texture twist print, but it’s pretty similar to the black & white textured waterbound hoodie I got last year.

Favorite #2: Summer Lovin’ Tote in floral backdrop black multi/deep coal ($88)

2015-06-09 SLToteWhen the Tracker Shorts came out in this print, I wasn’t exactly loving them. But for some reason, the grapefruit straps are a perfect pop of color that caught my eye. Makes me want to stop using the black & white 2014 holiday shopping tote for my gym clothes and start using an ACTUAL tote.

Favorite #3: Vinyasa Scarf in mini akido stripe heathered black heathered silver spoon ($48)

2015-06-09 VinyasaJune doesn’t exactly scream scarf weather, but again that grapefruit pop of color and the stripes in different widths have me going all OOOH I NEED ANOTHER SCARF, even though I do not actually need another scarf.

Favorite #4: True Self Bra in grapefruit/peach fuzz ($52)

2015-06-09 TSBraApparently I’ve got a thing for the grapefruit color this week. Blame it on my diploma from Syracuse. Real women wear orange!

Favorite #5: Wunder Under Crop II in floral sport backdrop iris flower multi ($82)

2015-06-09 WUCDark prints do fun things like hide cellulite and burpee dirt. I like outfits that do that.

The Dud: Liberty Short in bleacher stripe white iris flower/bleached coral ($54)

2015-06-09 LibertyThe bows. I just don’t understand the bows! As much as I’m a fan of both purple and orange, this print just isn’t winning me over. Better luck next capsule!

Other Random Notes

Enough drooling over luon for the night, a girl’s got to eat dinner.


  1. “Dark prints do fun things like hide cellulite and burpee dirt. I like outfits that do that.”… these comments are what makes me come back tk this blog every time!

  2. the runbeams are totally worth it…the sun surf whatever material is actually awesome in the sun and keeps you cool and the cuts are super flattering.
    i’m undecided on the new black/white crops ever since you called the color papier mache lol. I think you ruined them for me 😉

    1. That Runbeam is definitely wearing me me down! Lullaby is kicking it in my shopping cart right now. I just like to shorten the complicated names for fun 🙂 If I weren’t such a dirt-prone individual, I would actually give those crops a try! They are a somewhat jazzed up version of the High Times, and I love me a high waist that stays put!

      1. The colored ones are a bit ‘looks like a preschooler painting’ to me but I kinda dig the black and white…I do my weekly store trip on Friday so I’ll see what they look like in person…and I love your names they made me LOL.

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