What We Love – Wear ALL the Purple!

lululemonWhat We Love

Another Thursday, another highly-anticipated edition of What We Love! I mean, another week that I try to stay patient in hopes that the Pistachio CRB makes its way to the US. (Anyone sick of me talking about that damn tank yet?) I’m getting sick of writing about it.

Although there are no photos to back it up, Katelin starts by letting the Canadian world know that those Cyber Stripe Silver Fox High Times are finally making it north of the border. I wonder how many pairs will be available? When they dropped in the US, they sold out in about 24 hours. I was lucky enough to get a pair and LOVE ‘EM. Impulse buy well worth it.

EDIT: Jusssst kidding. Katelin had to take back the excitement on the High Times for Canada. I feel a little bad, but then again Canada has the Pistachio CRB and we don’t, so plbbbttt =P

Cyber Stripe Silver Fox High Times *Zips (Cameo by Brooks Ghost 7)
Speaking of impulse buys… I’ve got the new iris flower twist print on the brain. Move over jewelled magenta, it’s iris flower’s time to shine.

All the PurpleJumping off the deep end and buying up all the purple gorgeousness will get expensive, but a girl can dream, eh? Time for the rundown.

2015-06-12 WWL Inspire

First things first, the aforementioned twist iris flower inspire tights. The print’s full name is stupid long: space dye twist iris flower pink shell. They look to be the same print as the shala bra featured in the Wanderlust collection, so originally I thought only the stores that got special WL drops would see these, but it’s safe to say I’m stoked to be proven wrong on this one. Still may hold out to see if this print comes out in a roll-down Wunder Under or High Times. The print is awesome enough on its own, zippy meshy details are cute but unnecessary IMHO.

2015-06-12 WWL WTSTee

Next one I’m excited to come to the US is the What the Sport Tee. Because I love sneaking lululemon into work outfits. I know I posted a teaser on instagram a little while ago – that post is coming soon, I swear! Just need to get my sorry act together on some half-decent outfit photos. Long story short, I want this top.

2015-06-12 WWL PTSSkirt

Have I assaulted your eyes with enough purple yet? Are you waiting for flying purple people eaters to jump out of your laptop/phone at you? Hope not. That’s just nonsense. Nice skirt, though.

2015-06-12 WWL AllTied

Slightly less purple here. I can take this or leave it. Why? Because I love the tied look, but know that the minute I sat down and had a knot pressing into my back, I’d get cranky about it. Aint’ nobody got time to keep tying and untying for comfort’s sake all day long.

2015-06-12 WWL CRB

Everyone’s ol’ reliable layering piece. In the construction paper sunset watercolor middle school art class project print that first dropped as part of the True Self capsule last week. PLEASE OH PLEASE let the Pistachio make it to the US this week. PLEEEEEASE. I haven’t been this hung up on a particular piece in a while. Gah.

2015-06-12 WWL Define

Alright, we are done with the purple portion of today’s broadcast. Still waiting on the perfect Define Jacket to make the first add to my lulu collection. This one’s not it. I like it, but I’m not obsessed. For $100+, I need to be obsessed. I do not have a money tree growing in the back yard, soooo… yeah. Going to wait to get smacked in the face with that “OMG YASSSS” feeling.

2015-06-12 WWL SBAway

This print is called Confetti Cake Multi. I get the confetti part of the name, but can someone tell me where you’re getting a cake that’s THAT color? Maybe if you put squid ink in it. I’m not hating on the style of shorts (I’m actually wearing the jewelled magenta ones right now as I write this), but squid ink & spots are not blowing my skirt up.

2015-06-12 WWL SSJacket

Normally the expression is “last, but not least” but today… it’s last because it’s my least favorite of the bunch. If you hold your arms out and spin around real fast, will you look like a bright orange human umbrella? Wheeee! Someone please go to a store, try it and report back your findings. Mwahahaha.

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