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You’ve Been Warned, Ya Dumbbell

For those of you participating in the CrossFit Open (I'm on the fence if I'll even sign up, TBH) 'tis the season to start overanalyzing any and everything that CFG Director Dave Castro posts on social media. This one seems fairly obvious... What's that I hear? Just the sound of every CrossFitter on earth… Continue reading You’ve Been Warned, Ya Dumbbell

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This is Why You Can’t Watch the CrossFit Games Online for Free.

The fun part about personal blogs is that you pretty much get to write about whatever the eff you like, so pardon me here while I go off on a mini rant as I watch the individual fields take on Murph at CrossFit Games, live on ESPN3. Every year the comments section on every single social media platform… Continue reading This is Why You Can’t Watch the CrossFit Games Online for Free.

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CFG Open WOD 16.One & Done

Ready or not, the 2016 CrossFit Games Open is here. I've been a broken record saying how it's been a bananas few months for me at work, I prrrromise that nonsense will stop in the next couple of weeks. I haven't exactly been on my A game in the workout & nutrition department, either. Clearly I'm playing with… Continue reading CFG Open WOD 16.One & Done


CFHQ + Rogue = We’ve got LIFTOFF

I dropped the ball on covering ANY of the CrossFit Team Series. Whoops. Well, HQ is at it again with another auxiliary 'event' to run as comp season kicks off and regional wannabes begin to buckle down in their training. The Open always comes faster than progress seems to, so it's never too early to… Continue reading CFHQ + Rogue = We’ve got LIFTOFF

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Dave Castro’s Top 10 of the CrossFit Games

Love him or hate him, #thedavecastro himself is the one in charge of everyone's favorite mid-summer spectacle, the CrossFit Games. Following this year's event, TDC took to social media to share his Top 10 moments on Instagram over the course of the last couple of weeks. The full rundown of the Top 10 can be… Continue reading Dave Castro’s Top 10 of the CrossFit Games

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2015 CrossFit Games Highlights (HQ Video)

Finally came down off the vacation high, only to have it ignited again by HQ's releasing this video of highlights from this year's CrossFit Games. Not to mention, it's over a year later and I can't get enough of this song. Ultimate workout mojo. 2016 CrossFit Games, I will SEE YOU THERE. In the stands. With… Continue reading 2015 CrossFit Games Highlights (HQ Video)