You’ve Been Warned, Ya Dumbbell

For those of you participating in the CrossFit Open (I’m on the fence if I’ll even sign up, TBH) ’tis the season to start overanalyzing any and everything that CFG Director Dave Castro posts on social media. This one seems fairly obvious…

What’s that I hear? Just the sound of every CrossFitter on earth running to the basement to dig up their Dad’s old dumbbells from the 80’s.

I guess it’s time to update that spreadsheet I made tracking every CFG Open WOD movement ever to see if there is *any* method to the madness.

As for my actual participation in the Open, TBD on that madness. I’m on the fence between realism (I’m out of shape) and FOMO (who cares I wanna play along anyway). If I were to participate, it would be my 5th consecutive Open. Gah, I’m old. Only 4 more years until I’m a Masters athlete!



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