The 2015 CrossFit Games in Photos: Speed Snatch Ladder & Heavy DT

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Alright. It’s taken a while to pare down the 700+ photos I took between the iPhone and the DSLR, here are the first batch of photos from the 2015 CrossFit Games! These are a few of the better shots I was able to capture of Friday’s competition, mostly of the Speed Snatch Ladder and Heavy DT.

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  1. How restrictive is their camera policy at the Games? Here at the South regional I saw quite a few people have to retract SLR zoom lenses because they were “too long.” They even had “security” personnel walking through the stands threatening to kick people out.

    1. Hi! Somewhere I read you weren’t supposed to have lenses that extended more than 5in from the camera body. I just used the stock lens that came with my DSLR. Saw other spectators with longer lenses that may have pushed that limit, but I did not observe or experience any security in the stands enforcing anything as far as photography went.

  2. Murph—in order. While the average CrossFitter performs this Hero workout on Memorial Day with the option of breaking up t 1000 he 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 300 sit-ups as they wish, the Games athletes had to perform the work in order—meaning that they could not move on to the next movement until they had completed all the reps of the previous movement.

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