5 Faves & a Dud: Podium Picks

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Every Olympic year, I sit by the phone, waiting for it to ring. Fingers crossed that they call me in to be the “regular” person who test runs all the events so that I can be the baseline comparison for how amazing Olympic athletes are. Just kidding. I’m a millennial. Please don’t call me.

If I weren’t already enough of an Olympic nerd, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who geeks out whenever a Canadian athlete comes on screen. Team Canada is clearly the best dressed group at the games. Here’s a link from the COC website that gathers a handful of haul posts from Canadian Olympians.

5 Faves & a Dud: 2/8/22 Edition

Meanwhile, in America… let’s get to what I’m most likely to drop my dollars on if my closet weren’t at max capacity.

Note: All images are shoppable links 🙂

Favorite #1: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0 Race Length in Orange Soda

I will admit, I am a *little* salty that for some reason, Race Length is running the gamut in fun and bright colors recently, while the traditional length Swiftly isn’t seeing the same love.

For those of you who jumped on the SeaWheeze train for the 2021 collection, having this color recur in a different style will help complement whatever you managed to score… and that you actually wear.

Favorite #2: Nulu Cropped Define Jacket in Vintage Plum

Ooooh this one is going fast! 0-6 is already gone in VP, but soft denim and black have better availability. The neck looks a *little* higher than a traditional Define Jacket, and I’m all sorts of here for it. Unsure of the color on me, so I’ll probably stick with basic black.

Favorite #3: Invigorate Training Tank Top in Ripened Raspberry

I cannot wait until crop top weather. It’s not currently crop top weather, but maybe some wishful thinking (or impulse buying) will help manifest warmer running opportunities.

Favorite #4: Dance Studio Mid-Rise Jogger in Soft Denim

While Blue Nile is a quite pretty color, the shade looked a bit too much like hospital scrubs for me, so they were easy not to give a second look. Soft Denim seems *just* rich enough to be a way to claw your way from winter into spring.

Favorite #5: Stretch High Rise Jogger Full-Length in Everglade Green

These. These right here are some solid airplane pants. I say this because I just wore my black ones on Tuesday from JFK all the way to Vegas in one 6-hour sitting. The weight, the pockets, the scrunched up waist to help you feel cute even when you’ve had too many airplane snacks… everyone ought to own a pair… or three.

The Dud: Softstreme High-Rise Culotte

You don’t need these. The world doesn’t need these. Mistakes were made in early 00’s fashion, and I can never take back those countless nights that I wore black gouchos/culottes with hot pink kitten heels to some of the swankiest nightclubs in Madrid.

Don’t be like 2006 me. You can make so many better decisions with $118.

This Week’s Honor Roll

Aside from the annual short sleeve polo shirt that’s probably too small, highlight yellow is making a showing, among a handful of other items that I like to think I’d look half decent in.

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  1. I laughed when I read “annual short sleeve polo.” They really do put one out like clockwork every year. It must be on the production schedule, like “time to put the polo out, what colors should it be?”

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