5 Faves & a Dud: Pipe Down, Evelyn

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I’ll admit, I don’t have much of a witty intro in me. I’m over the COVID hump and back out on the road, therefore I’ve been working a LOT trying to learn the ropes. There are a few gem tone bright spots in this week’s lululemon upload… so much so that I actually ought to take a few things OUT of my cart before checking out. Fiscal responsibility, yeahhh.

Favorite #1: Scuba High-Rise Jogger ($118) in Mulled Wine

These look like amazing couch pants. It’s 10 degrees (-12 C) right now, perfect weather for couch pants.

Favorite #2: Energy Longline Bra Ribbed Luxtreme ($58) in Dark Red

Instant classic.

Favorite #3: Lightweight Relaxed-Fit Down Jacket ($198) in Everglade Green

I missed out (sat on my hands b/c I already have Night Diver) on the DFIA, but I can’t help but want a piece of Everglade Green to add into my way-too-large lululemon collection.

Favorite #4: All Aligned Mock Neck Long Sleeve Shirt ($78) in Dark Olive

Everything about this silhouette, I love. Can’t decide if I should add to cart, or patiently wait for a markdown. Am I willing to risk missing this one to save $20? Hmm…

Favorite #5: Boxy Cotton-Blend Sweater ($118) in Heathered Vintage Plum

Deep purple is my jam, and I saw somewhere on the internet that purple is going to be the color of the year. It’s already my favorite color, because I’m a freaking visionary. Not really.

I need this sweater as much as I need my drunk lady hotel neighbor to shut up right now.


It’s gonna be bedtime soon. She keeps whining “WE’RE GOING TO A HOCKEY GAME. HOCKEY. H-O-C-K-E-Y … H-OHHHH… SEE. C! C LIKE A CAT! HOCKEY! HOCKEY!”

We get it, Evelyn. Whoever you’re talking to can’t spell or hates sports.

Honorable Eye Catchers

A few other goodies arrived tonight… I’ve got my eye on that Emerald Ice shopper if a regular length Swiftly doesn’t arrive soon. Also, that cashmere robe looking thing… I could ROCK that with all black everything.

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I’ve gotta be functional at 6:00a tomorrow. It’s almost 9:30pm now. Can’t we all just sit down, hush hush and watch The Office reruns on Comedy Central in peace and quiet?

Who is running down the hall… it’s TUESDAY. Oh, Boston.

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  1. I’ve become obsessed with the Power Pivot Ribbed Tank and couldn’t help myself ordering this new color!

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