Fit Review: lululemon Base Pace Ribbed Tank Top & Align Long Sleeve


One habit COVID *really* broke me of was going into the lululemon fitting room whenever I was bored. Well, last week I was really annoyed with people… and for the first time in a long time, I played the old reliable “aimless retail therapy” card. Am I old, or am I falling off my game when I don’t recognize a single soul working at my local lulu? Both.

For size reference: I’m 5’9″ and my sizes are TTS 8 on top and 10 on the bottom.

Base Pace Ribbed Tank Top ($58) in Highlight Yellow

Lucky for me, this in yo face color was marked down. Shown is a TTS 8, and it’s a surprisingly tight fit. If you like a slim/borderline skintight fit, stay true to size. If you prefer a little room in the midsection, you’re going to want to size up.

The length is just right, and will hit the top of your shorts/tights if you’re wearing mid or high-rise. Race length doesn’t work for me, but my old CRBs are too much fabric given current trends. Ladies, we have ourselves a winner.

Align Long Sleeve ($54 on WMTM) in Mulled Wine

When selecting items to take into the fitting room, half of my picks are selfish (items I want for myself) and the other half tend to be informational (items I want to advise you how they fit on a normal person), and the Align Long Sleeve definitely falls into the latter category.

Typically a size 8, I took a 10 in with me this time, given how disastrous my run-in with the Align T-Shirt was this summer.

Here, we see that sizing up didn’t really do me any favors. It may have had enough room to feel comfortable, but this piece is meant to be body skimming. I honestly expected to fit much tighter than it did, given that I’ve sized up in the Align Tank and still had no breathing room to spare.

The wide neckline makes the shoulders feel like cap sleeves. For me, that translates into a sensation like they’re going to slide down. About the only positive of this try-on session is that Mulled Wine is a gorgeous color, and I’d like it in a Swiftly LS (NORMAL LENGTH), please!

I’ve warmed up to the waist-length Align Tank, but the rest of the Align lineup (Tank, Tee, Long Sleeve) haven’t worked out for me.

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      1. As a long waisted gal I agree. But I tried again recently when I found some colours I love on WMTM and actually found it works under some sleeveless dresses and cute overalls. So 🙌🏻

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