5 Faves & a Dud: Live From Quarantine

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

HELLOOOOO FROM QUARANTINE! What’s 2022 like? I haven’t left the house since 2021, because on New Years Eve, I got myself a positive COVID test result. Someone in the family brought it to Christmas dinner, and a handful of days later… a whack-a-mole variety of symptoms kicked in. Got tested in advance of the work trip I had scheduled for right now and… no airplanes for Katy! *sad trombone*

🦠 🦠 🦠 🦠 🦠

I’ve been cooped up in the house since then. Hooray for having my own place, at least. Aside from the inability to run errands, I’ve been able to live it up pretty conveniently without being confined to a single room. Just me, my Peloton and all the episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Emily in Paris that the internet can serve up.

I know I’ve been pretty awful at posting consistently over the course of the last year. To put it bluntly, my work and personal lives both sucked more energy out of me than they ever have. Pair that with a very full closet and no time to refresh and I haven’t been as jazzed about shopping lately.

But, in line with the new year new me jazz, in 2022 I intend to make a conscious effort to spend a little more time creating content, and a little less time mindlessly consuming it.

5 Faves & a Dud: 1/4/22 Edition

Favorite #1: Merino Wool Honeycomb Sweater ($128) in Butternut Brown

I’m thinking I want to go on a sweater kick once I finally get out on the road. Something about pairing black, medium brown and gold accessories makes me feel like I have my act together.

Favorite #2: Base Pace High-Rise Running Tight 28″ ($98) in Sparks Fly Multi

I love me some lime green, and feel like these would make me fast. That, or they’d fit the nightclub vibe that I’ve built in my spare room turned Peloton studio. *untz untz untz*

Favorite #3: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0 Race Length ($78) in Emerald Ice

The fact that this color appeared last week and only in Race Length crushes my little COVID-ridden soul.

If you’re interested in other core staples like the Energy Bra or Flow Y Nulu Bra you’re in luck. Otherwise the Swiftly options (Short Sleeve & Racerback) are all race length.

Favorite #4: Speed Up Mid-Rise Lined Short 4″ ($58) in Gravel Dust Everglade Green Multi/Everglade Green

I still have NO IDEA how I managed to sit on my hands long enough to miss out on the Everglade Green Down For it All vest and jacket that hit WMTM for Boxing Day. While I’d prefer these shorts in a solid color, they’re still cute.

Favorite #5: Energy Longline Bra Ribbed ($58) in Highlight Orange

I can no longer fit my colored sports bra drawer shut (yes, there’s one for colors and one for black/white/gray) when all the laundry is clean, so this is the last addition I need to make to the collection, but… LOVE.

I’m a *little* curious given that these stock photos look a bit less orange than some other highlight orange options. Hmmm…

The Dud: Double Knit Sweater Hoodie ($148)

Holy brain fog it’s been so long that I’ve done one of these things that I didn’t think to pick a Dud until I got to this point in the template. Woof.

Anyway, I’ve always had an inexplicable mental block when it comes to hooded sweaters. Something about flimsy hoods cheapening an otherwise structured piece. Not for me.

Anything else?

Swim’s back, I can’t remember if I like Soleil or not, and Night Sea is having me do a double take trying to figure out if it’s just True Navy and Inkwell mixed together. Ah well. Tonight’s upload is a little underwhelming so I’m going to shut the laptop and give my brain a break.

Happy New Year to everyone out there, and a big ol’ middle finger to COVID! xx

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  1. I’m excited about all the greens too! I’ve been saying forever that Lulu hasn’t put out a good green since Dragonfly!

    1. I’m just glad they didn’t give such a gorgeous green a name like “porta potty” like they did in the 2015 collection, even though it was pretty clever for the running community 🙃

    1. I was SO convinced it was a sinus infection. Joke’s on me! Thankfully I’m on the rebound. Today marks day 5 in quarantine so once this ice storm clears I can actually leave the house 🥳

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