Lululemon Color Comparisons: Cerulean x Wild Bluebell / Turquoise Tide x Hawaiian Blue


Time to get back to posting some useful! It was a slow start to the year, but I am suddenly back in 2015 and have now placed lulu orders 3 weeks in a row. Whaaat?

Turquoise Tide x Hawaiian Blue

Words cannot properly convey how excited I’ve been for brighter colors to appear in lululemon’s spring lineup. The dusty roses, sages and mauves were becoming TOO MUCH. I like my earth tones in the form of beautiful blue water and vibrant foliage… not dirt.

Shown in the reel below are the recently released Turquoise Tide Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 2.0 and the Hawaiian Blue Invigorate Bra.

Cerulean x Wild Bluebell

Next up: you know I LOVE a royal blue, and Wild Bluebell ran the gamut from late 2019 into 2020. Then Cerulean came back around after a few years off. An untrained eye from across an NFL stadium may say they’re the same color, but you know better than that.

Cerulean is a *wee* bit deeper than WB, but not by much. Both are brilliant.

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