The Lululemon Tabs I Left Open in March

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Real Talk: March 2020 was a drag, and somehow March 2021 has proven itself to be no different. I know I’m not alone in acknowledging the reality of taking another spin around the sun in pandemic mode, and I can’t help but mope.

For the last 3 weeks I’ve opened up lululemon’s What’s New on Tuesdays, earmarked a few faves & duds… and completely lost the mojo to follow through and finish a single post. I haven’t been writing, but I have been shopping. So instead of a structured 5FD, here’s where my head’s been in lulu land over the last few weeks. Doing my best to slowly crawl out of this funk I’ve been in. We got some bright spots, everyone!

These Are Mine Now

Took until last week to break an almost 30-day no spend streak. Then the funky F&Fs came through on WMTM, as did 3 other full-priced items in my cart. The Tights, Swiftly & Sculpt have already been worn to the gym the day FedEx dropped them off. Hawaiian Blue is a *bit* deeper IRL than it looks online. Comparison coming soon to a social media platform near you!

Thought I got my fix for the month with that haul… but then Sunset uploaded. Totally pulled a 2015 and ordered something for the second Tuesday in a row. 😇💸

Tabs I’ve Left Open For the Last Few Weeks

Chrome failed and ditched the SEVERAL tabs I had open with pink punch and swimwear from upload a few weeks back, but here’s a combination of items I’ve had to talk myself off a cumulatively expensice ledge in the last few weeks. Kicking myself for being too slow on the ripened raspberry Pace Rival Skirt *Tall. Ah well. I’ll live.

While some less than thrilling colors in recent months have been keeping my spending in check, it’s been a bit of a bummer because I hadn’t been getting as excited over upload as I have in years past. But, with these teals & bright oranges, it’s feeling kind of nice to have to fight the urge to spend again.

Now that April’s a few hours away and the snow might be done for the season, it’s time to lighten up. The wardrobe… the length of days… ME AND MY GLUM BEHAVIOR… it’s about time we all lighten up and enjoy everything spring has to offer. Except pollen. Eff that yellow noise! 🥴

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  1. It was really extremely rude that the Glitch Tapestry F&F was still $99 on WMTM but I bought them anyway but I’d have been bummed if they sold out.

  2. I’d love to see a color comparison of Sunset to other oranges. I’m wondering how close it is to flare, florid orange, flash light and highlight orange. If you have any of those, it would be fun to see the differences!

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