5 Faves & a Dud: 3/9/21 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Guess what I did this weekend… I SIGNED UP FOR AN IN PERSON HALF MARATHON! I originally took an optimistic gamble on Rock ‘n Roll in San Diego on 6/5, but that was pushed back until October. Then, just 2 weeks after that unfortunate announcement, my local race organization announced that they would be holding a half marathon distance with a limited in person field on the same date San Diego was supposed to be. Bib. CLAIMED!

With how vaccination distribution is progressing, I don’t want to completely bet the house that it’s going to happen, but I am feeling pretty good about it. Had to provide proof of time for start wave seeding, masks on at all times until you cross the start line, maintaining 12ft minimum distance between other athletes on course. The theme of this training cycle is cautious optimism, and the official 12-week cycle starts Monday. Whee!

On to the outfits. I was hoping for more Chroma Fusion this week, but the US was shut out. Before we get on with 5FD, as a consolation, here’s my first attempt at a TikTok haul. Now I know my my dance teachers used to tell us all the time as kids to SMILE. Eesh.

5 Faves & a Dud: 3/9/21 Edition

Favorite #1: Cropped Henley Tank ($58) in Black

All it took was ONE day where it broke 50 degrees outside (aka today) and my brain has gone into spring/summer mode. I’m hoping in the near future to finally not have to be in the office so much and work remotely again, and this tank fits the bill in two clutch categories for work/exist from home: simple and cute.

Favorite #2: Fast and Free Windbreaker ($198) in Turquoise Tide

The only thing that stings more than the bitter wind in your face on an early season run is the price tag on a windbreaker you could really get some practical use out of. Please no one buy any 8’s or 10’s so they hit WMTM and I can save a few doll hairs thanks.

Favorite #3: Swift Speed High-Rise Tight ($128) in Cerulean

Still need to hunt these down in store and give them a go. I am a Fast & Free diehard and see nothing wrong with those, so I’m reluctant to give this newfangled option a try.

That said… on a color front, if you don’t already own some sort of Wild Bluebell/Cerulean/Jet Stream blue tights yet, you’re missing out on looking awesome every. damn. time. you put them on.

Favorite #4: All Yours Tank Top ($44) in Blue Borealis

Not Submarine, not Night Diver, not Deep Marine, not Alberta Lake… basically it’s a color I don’t already own, so I “need” it, right? Normally I cruise right over simpler baggy styles like this, but the way it’s been styled with the knot in front gives me 90’s throwback (or as Gen Z calls it, on trend) vibes, and I’m here for it.

Favorite #5: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 2.0 ($78) in Grape Thistle

Did I miss this in recent weeks? I may have missed it in recent weeks. I really do like the new Swiftly and its new stretchiness, but I haven’t found many colors that I don’t already have. Normally I’m not much for dusty purples, but with my green eyes, purple works for me. Might as well capitalize on what the gene pool gave me.

The Dud: New Crew Backpack *22L ($98) in Heritage 365 Camo Guava Pink Multi/Heritage 365 Camo Cafe Au Lait Multi/Heritage 365 Camo Hawaiian Blue Multi

At what point in reading that colourway name did your brain give up and scroll to this sentence? I like color blocking, it’s fun. Camo blocking? Uhhhhhhh. I will be surprised if this doesn’t hit WMTM. This has GOT to be a play for younger shoppers.

I can’t envision many women over the age of 30 carrying this pack around, and this is coming from someone who puts together some loud-ass outfits. You’d think it would stop with one pack, but it didn’t.

I Can’t I’m Just SOOOO Busy

But really. This camo situation is beyond busy. What are we doing here? Who is running to order this?

Anything Else Before I Go?

  • Hey look the Always Effortless Jacket is back for a third year in a row {30sec Review}. Frontier is showing on What’s New, but all sizes are sold out. Hopefully that’s temporary, it’s a great core piece.
  • Heritage 365 Camo Dusky Lavender Multi should be glad that the mixed triple took the attention from it. Here’s another busy print that you can rock from head to toe if you so desire. I do not desire. See: Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece.
  • Despite the fact that the Align Tank has proven not to be the 100% amazing fit on me that is has been on other women… Ripened Raspberry is tempting!
  • Don’t sleep on the true navy Swiftly Breathe Long Sleeve. While it may not have cracked the top 5, I’ll probably pick one up for practicality’s sake. Navy looks good with the tan I will eventually get by May. Maybe. Heh!
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  1. Ha I love that crazy color camo…I hope it does make it to WMTM because I don’t need any more bags….but if they were cheap I do! I am also old but still like it. I’ve been loving your OOTD videos too.

  2. I thought the same on the rainbow camo. At first, I thought it was cute as a mini backpack, but then I realized sadly, I’m way too old for it!! It’s definitely giving me Justice Store tween vibes.

    I ordered the raspberry half zip scuba, knowing it may go back. The color is so happy, I couldn’t resist trying. It’s hard to make the cropped sweatshirt style work when you are taller. It usually ends at an awkward, “I shrunk this in the wash” length. Fingers crossed that it looks cute and cropped on purpose!

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