5 Faves & a Dud: Thanks, They Have Pockets!


We made it! March was last week, March was last month, March was 5 months ago. Time flies when it stands absolutely still. Hope everyone is holding up out there, pandemic fatigue is real and I’m not immune. This first weekend home from CO was rough, but I’m doing to do my best to embrace the longer days and try and take back control of my life from work. This means going home at a reasonable hour, start training for a fake half marathon in my head, and getting back into CrossFit.

So the weather has been gloomy around here lately, but hey, we’ve got a few bright spots in this week’s upload to help and shake the funk off. One Chroma Raspberry Guava smoothie, please! 😊

5 Faves & a Dud: 3/2/21 Edition

Favorite #1: Pace Rival Mid-Rise Skirt [Link to *Tall] ($68) in Ripened Raspberry

Most of you know that I can’t turn down a Pace Rival Skirt in the summer. It’s cute, and also functional as anything. The built in shorts, the silicone strips to keep said shorts in place, 3 waistband pockets and larger pockets built into each side of the shorts?

There is 0 reason not to own at least one of these babies for summer fun time where you don’t want full hands or a bag to worry about.

Favorite #2: Everlux™ and Mesh Cropped Tank ($68) in Black

Despite wimping out of a run this morning to 25mph winds and 15 degrees feeling like -2 (Fahrenheit)… the days are getting longer and the geese are back. Warmer weather is on the horizon, and when it gets here I want to be traipsing around in this top.

Favorite #3: Revera 1/2 Zip *lululemon lab ($158) in Black

Lululemon doesn’t always grab my attention for the right reasons, but this time, HELLO. I love the loose cut here, it appears roomy enough to accommodate plenty of activity, but not so baggy that it’s getting in the way like some of the on-trend oversized items.

Add in the asymmetrical zip and the water resistant fabric, now watch me add it to my cart.

Favorite #4: Align™ High Rise Pant with Pockets 25″ ($128)

Alright ladies, lululemon is giving the people what they want: Aligns with pockets! I am going to sit out on these right now, given that I rarely wear Aligns out of the house. However, there are addicts all over the place and I know this feature will be appreciated.

The $30 price hike, on the other hand? Not sure how popular that’s going to be. Welcome to what it feels like to be a Fast & Free addict, my friends. 💸💸💸

Showing Water Drop so that you can see the details.

Favorite #5: Energy Bra ($52) in Chroma Fusion Multi

This print has got me a little bit obsessed. I’ve never owned a pair of Hotty Hots, but with how fun Chroma Fusion is, I actually placed an order for the shorts to make sure I got *something* in this incredibly fun colourway.

Given that it’s the March Motherlode, I was hoping for a bit more that one new piece in Chroma Fusion to drop today. Thankfully, there are some Fast & Free shorts teased in the model photo for this bra, so I know that more is on the way. I am going to keep my fingers crossed and tags on the shorts until at least next week’s drop. If there are F&F Crops or tights… your girl is SOLD.

The Dud: Revera Duster Dress lululemon lab ($168) in Planet Surface Black Granite Multi

Tell me you saw this pick coming from a mile away, without telling me YOU SAW THIS PICK COMING FROM A MILE AWAY.

The Fun Doesn’t Stop at Five

  • The Wunder Train Long-Line Bra snuck in with more than just terracotta (finally), so I’ve got a black one en route. Commentary of course once it arrives!
  • I’ve still yet to cop a Sculpt Tank *Cropped, and it might be about that time. I love its incredibly lightweight non-swampy coverage, and my only gripe with my full length ones is exactly that. They’re full length. Currently eyeballing black (duh) and guava pink.
  • The ripened raspberry Swiftly Tech Racerback 2.0 is a narrow miss for the week’s top 5.
  • I know better that the Nulux 3 Colour Space Dye Coal/Asphalt Grey/Rhino Grey incarnation of the Fast and Free High-Rise Crop 23″ Non-Reflective is 99% printed and not woven, so I’ll stand down. But they make me think of old school Luxtreme, and they tug at my old lulu loving heartstrings a little bit.

Other items that I’ve got opinions on include:

I don’t want to blow my March lululemon budget on day TWO of the month, but hello there are some contenders, for sure!

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  1. I’m not sure which foreign site it was, but there were F&F in chroma fusion multi. So they may make it over to the US at some point. I must say it’s a lot of pattern in full length pants, but I love the pattern in shorts or a bra. I may spring for the HH, but hoping they come in trackers.

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