SeaWheeze 2020 Australian Upload: Part III


More for down under and none for us (yet) and unfortunately I do not know what time the US/CAN upload going to happen. I just hope it doesn’t happen while I’m in the shower.

Two more Pace Rivals

I spy Speed Crops, fun Energy (or possibly Invigorate) bra, and is that a double purple heathered Swiftly?

I’m partial to 2014’s Which Way Sway, but I’m considering the hat.

…aaaand scrunchies. People like scrunchies.


      1. They are definitely doing something to the website. I got tried of refreshing, so I tried searching the newer color names, just to see. I typed in “blossom” and randomly a new color– a yellow came up in swimsuit options (it wasn’t there early this morning). It disappeared again about 10 minutes later. Maybe they are fiddling with adding things and something will happen soon?!

        Probably wishful thinking…

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