SeaWheeze 2020 Australian Upload: Part II


Oh hi, me again! More SeaWheeze 2020 gear uploaded in lululemon’s Australia app as I lazily walked a mile and a half and called it tonight’s “workout”. Whee! There were only a few previews (mostly men’s) visible earlier this afternoon: catch Part I here.

SeaWheeze 2020 Australian Upload: Part II / Women

Energy Bra Long Line – Lazurite / ($69 AUD)
Energy Bra Long Line – Fast Lane Energy Bra Longline Purple Multi ($69 AUD)
Speed Up Mid-Rise Tight 28″ – Lazurite / ($129 AUD)
Speed Up Mid-Rise Tight 28″ – Super Sonic Alpine White Purple Multi / ($129 AUD)
Speed Up Mid-Rise Tight 28″ – Illusionary White Black / ($129 AUD)
Speed Tight V – High Tempo Camo Reflective Grey Multi ($299 AUD)
Tracker Short V – Fast Lane Purple Multi ($69 AUD)
Pace Rival High-Rise Crop 22″ – Lazurite ($109 AUD)
Fast Paced Run Visor II – Race Pace Flare Multi/Black ($35 AUD)
Fast Paced Run Visor II – Flare/Black ($35 AUD)
Fast and Free Women’s Run Hat – Lazurite ($49 AUD)
Uplifting Scrunchie – Purple Blossom ($9 AUD)

SeaWheeze 2020 Australian Upload: Part II / Men

So far… there is a LOT of purple. What is my favorite color? Purple. Live look in at my wallet:


  1. Is there any idea of when this will go live? I’m not all that motivated at the previews, but the speed ups in thathazy pattern are cute and I wouldn’t mind trying for a pair, but I’ve got a full patient load in clinic tomorrow so I can’t hang out by the computer 😞

    1. I wish I had any intel, but I’m as in the dark as you are. I feel like in recent years it has been in the 1-3pm ET window, but for all we know it’s going to be a 3am insomniac’s paradise.

      IMHO it’s the most frustrating part of the online showcase every year. Just give people a time window. Many of us have lives that can’t be put on hold for gym gear so we can have a chance before the resellers snap all of it up.

  2. That purple fast lane print is gorgeous!!! I love purple blossom too! I’m hoping to grab those shorts and something in purple blossom tomorrow.

    And I agree! I wish they’d give us a window. I don’t really want to spend my day refreshing the page. I say that I won’t….but, I will.

  3. It is winter in Australia so fingers crossed some fast and free 10 inch shorts are available instead of so many tights. Got a lot of hot months ahead of me still here in LA.

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