5 Faves & a Dud: Gone Rogue

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Oh man hey now look at me going rogue and posting about new lululemon on a Wednesday morning. Throwing the balance off in the universe, I know. You know what else is off in the universe? The fact that I keep waking up at 5am without my alarm.

5 Faves & a Dud: 5/26/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Rogue Renegade Zip Hoodie ($128) in Alpine White

I have been SO GOOD all quarantine long, and suddenly with the Strava code it’s like the floodgates are open again. This sweatshirt is in my cart, because as much as I love my two Scubas and the Stopover Jacket, they’re getting sick of being my three go-to quarantine layers.

I am totally here for the cropped cut, the giant hood and the roomy neck opening. I’m telling myself alpine white is the way to go, because we’re staring June in the face. Trying to mix up the whole “64% of my wardrobe is black” thing.

Favorite #2: Scuba Hoodie *Light Cotton Fleece ($118) in Midnight Orchid

Speaking of Scubas… hello gorgeous! 💜 I’m hoping this color doesn’t come off as too dusty IRL.

Favorite #3: Swiftly Tech SS Breeze ($68) in Tiger

I needo the cheeto! Yeah yeah this is the ‘Cuse alum in me talking, but pair this with Jet Stream or Wild Bluebell and it’s an A+ fun time outfit for me. #GoOrangemen 🍊

Favorite #4: Define Jacket ($118) in Midnight Orchid

Agh. I was able to go TWO PLUS months without new lulu, and as indicated by Monday’s Katy Bought Too Much post, I’m kinda sorta trying to downsize. (Shout out to everyone who’s found a few new threads so far – I’ve dropped 8 packages in the mail so far!)

Anyway. Back to the Define. Self control is cool and all, but purple is my favorite color and AHHHH I WANT THIS JACKET!!!

Favorite #5: Rogue Renegade Super High Rise Tight ($128) in Black

Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a bit could have called this pick from 1284 miles away. Ya girl is a moto tight addict.

These tights *technically* serve a purpose… something about being resistant to the barbell abrasion a fuck ton of hang cleans at CrossFit will do you for. But if I see horizontal stripes… my brain and AMEX both start to rev it up in anticipation of a good time.

The Dud: Hazy Sky Shirt Jacket ($128) in Faint Mauve

The only good thing about this is that they finally stopped trying to make the word “shacket” happen. Regina George must have gotten through to the GEC.

Soap Box Jumps

  • Upload also features the Rogue Renegade Super High Rise Crop and a pair of Rogue Renegade High Rise Shorts. I’ve seen some head scratching comments about the shorts out in the wild, and yes I agree the aesthetic is… interesting. However, I am guessing these people who don’t understand them don’t spend too much time on an olympic weightlifting platform. Yeah they look funny, but that barbell path friction is real. I applaud lululemon’s effort on this one.
  • GAHHHH why did they after to wait until AFTER the Strava discount to restock the Tiger City Sweat Crew *Spacer? I am loving the Ready to Roll, but but but… tiger! 🥺
  • I’mma put the Dark Prism Pink Rain Chaser Jacket right here so that now you all subliminally want Dunkin’ Donuts. Then again, it’s not subliminal if I tell you about it. Whatever.
  • Hotty Hot II Short fans – get yourself some Larkspur!
  • Okay group, what are your thoughts on the color changing fabrics? I like the idea in the Swiftlies, but they don’t seem to change all the way through. The Ebb to Train Bra *Sun looks to be doing it pretty (well) in pink.
  • Midnight Orchid obsessives like me, hoodies and jackets are the only option:
  • Lastly, I’m calling out these two stripey bras, because they give me old school lulu warm and fuzzies. I had my 2014 Skinny Grooves on this weekend, and it got me feeling a little bit nostalgic.

Ok time to go talk myself out of a new hoodie. Or into it. 😇

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  1. Speaking of the Strava discount, it took three emails – the last strongly worded, to get 25% off of the single item I wanted.

    I was sent a second code that me didn’t work, so I purchased the oversized yoga mat for full price (before it sold out- which it did), and requested that the 25% discount be credited to my gift card.

    Lululemon ultimately did the right thing, but it took some serious effort and persistence on my part. The kicker was that instead of apologizing for their twice failed codes, they said they were sorry that “I” had trouble with the Strava discount. 🙄

    1. I believe the strava discount did not apply to yoga mats. So that is probably why your code did not work in the first place.

  2. Ohhhhh #1 looks so fun! I adore anything spacer! I can’t do white but wouldn’t it look great in Tiger?

  3. The biggest dud is that the bright purple swiftly is still not showing up anywhere overseas or here 😂😂 Ill pass on midnight orchid all day for the chance of getting a bright non-dusty and non-bluish purple in some core styles 🙌🏼

  4. I LOVE #1, but not in those colors. I’m so tired of black/grey/white/olive/muted this/pastel that…where are the bright, saturated colors?? Snoring.

  5. I have the Wee Space Power Y in my cart. I have an old one, probably one of my first bra purchases from Lulu years ago and I wear it a lot. It’s the kind of pattern that matches nearly everything. I’m thinking I need a back up for when the old one finally gives out.

  6. Just received the Rogue Renegade ZIP Hoodie in the mail today. It’s amazinggggg! I’m a 10 on top in most things Lulu and a 10 in this is perfect, especially since it’s cropped. Go for it!!! …Or be smarter and more patient than I am and wait for WMTM. 🙂

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