KBTM: Katy Bought Too Much


Move over, WMTM 😂 It’s only taken 72 days in quarantine… but the urge to do some Spring Cleaning has finally hit. I posted back in the fall about my Poshmark page, which I had been using for reselling some of my lesser-worn items over the last couple of years.

However, it’s become increasingly tough to like Poshmark. Full-time resellers scrub outlets, mark up WMTM items, tag them as ‘rare’, and clutter up the app for lululemon fans like you and me.

It’s frustrating. If I wanted a WMTM item, I’d buy it direct from lulu, not from a dishonest reseller looking to fleece an unsuspecting buyer.

Not to mention that 20% cut that Posh takes off the top, and they keep jacking their shipping rate up and up and up. It seems trivial on a $20 top, but on a $100 bundle?

I can pack it and ship it my damn self. So that’s exactly what I’m doing.

All I needed was the time to dedicate to learning how to use the e-commerce framework I already had built into this here website. Well, I’ve finally put my nose to the grindstone and figured it out.

Plus, I want to give you all first crack at new listings. If things don’t sell after a while, then I’ll move them on over to eBay or Posh.

Click the black bar to be taken to the main aK Shop page, where you can break things down by category/size, or just start clicking around from here.

NOTE: Because it was all purchased with the intention to wear, all listed items (except for accessories) are my size, either an 8 or 10.

Items ship to USA addresses only 🇺🇸 / All sales are final / Orders $50 and over ship FREE 🥳

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  1. I agree about Poshmark. I used to buy and sell (from my personal stash) all the time, but it’s become too expensive for both sides now. Over $7 to ship a 4oz bra is crazy. Gah, I wish your stuff was size 2! I would go on a shopping spree!

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