5 Faves & a Dud: Back to the Lab

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

NGL, it’s a little bit tough to sit here and joke around about new lululemon when the world has rolled completely sideways. So, I’m going to keep the intro short. Really short. Like this.

5 Faves & a Dud: 6/2/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Sculpt Tank ($58) in White

By no means new to the lineup, but if lulu is listing it as such I’m going to hop on here to highlight how much this third incarnation of the Sculpt Tank wins.

Having just received my Wild Bluebell one last Wednesday, I am LOVING the updates to the cut on this version. For this reason, it’s a very good thing that black, white and camo are the only colors currently available. If any bright solids upload soon, I am THERE.

Favorite #2: Align Short ($58) in Dark Red

Speaking of bright solids… these. I like these. I would like to own these.

Sounds like my full-time job’s working from home is going to extend for a while longer (like… into apple cider donut season at least), so I can either shake my head at or lean into the comfy bike shorts trend.

Favorite #3: All Yours Hoodie ($108) in Midnight Orchid

I *love* this color, but with the time I spent between the years of 1999-2007 sporting nothing but my high school and college team’s hoodies… I still can’t help but feel like I should be getting a plain purple sweatshirt for far less a benjamin plus tax.

Favorite #4: Kasta Bra *lululemon lab ($68) in Ink Blue

This pick is for the people. It’s got Align Tank vibes, and everyone loses their minds over that thing. Same idea here, but make it edgy.

Favorite #5: Energy Bra High Neck Long Line ($68) in Carnation Red

No words, just admiration. Stock photo is 100% Photoshopped, can we all agree not to pair these colors IRL?

The Dud: Pack it Down Vest ($148) in Cherry Tint

Not only is it a puffy vest in June, it’s also that annoying blush pink that needs to take a freakin’ seat. Not here for it. Not at all.

Something Escaped From the Lab…

TBH I was expecting a *far* stronger lineup from the first Tuesday of the month. However, we were met with an androgynous pile of lululemon lab pieces.

In other news…

  • Align Pant 28″ in Graphite Gray for those of you looking for some ‘summer’ house pants
  • The Align Tank popped up in Iced Iris and has already sold out in all sizes sexcept zero in the time it’s taken to write this post
  • I’m normally not into Ballet Slipper, but the model just makes the Cut Back Crop Tank look so gorgeous I can’t help but shout it out.

Time to get back to my book. I think that COVID-19 has given all of us a lot more time at home and in our own heads to pause, reflect, and really digest what’s been going on in society right under our hyper-scheduled and always-on-the-run noses.

Social media has been an overwhelming place lately. Hell, the WORLD has been an overwhelming place. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, a plethora of resources and learning opportunities are being shared across all platforms, so that people who previously paid little mind to recent events can start.

Some will ignore these recommendations, some will embrace it. I personally am going to take this opportunity to learn a bit more. I don’t know what I don’t know. That said, it’s time to get nose deep an admittedly unfamiliar topic and see if I’m able to gain a few new perspectives.

//end social commentary

//end blog post

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  1. Could you post a fit pic of the new Sculpt tank? I’m on the fence about getting one and would really like to see how the cut has changed from old Sculpt tanks!

    1. I love the new cut. The old cut didn’t have the cut out on upper back. I own 4 of the new style

    2. I would be interested in this, too! I know the cuts are obviously different, but a comparison like the one you did for shorts would be awesome!

  2. Any chance of a side by side with all sculpt versions? The original was my go to. Not a huge fan of sculpt 2. Intrigued by 3

  3. I’m intrigued by the Kasta Bra (phone trying to correct to “pasta”), but it seems like it would constantly be slipping off my shoulders. The HN LL Energy Bra is the bra of my dreams, but I’m not crazy about the colors or the price hike. I was hoping for some rainbow goodness today. Womp.

  4. Energy Bra high neck is now Long Line is now $68 from $58. Wonder if this is a sign of Lulu raising their bra prices…

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