1. Is there any idea of when this will go live? I’m not all that motivated at the previews, but the speed ups in thathazy pattern are cute and I wouldn’t mind trying for a pair, but I’ve got a full patient load in clinic tomorrow so I can’t hang out by the computer 😞

    • I wish I had any intel, but I’m as in the dark as you are. I feel like in recent years it has been in the 1-3pm ET window, but for all we know it’s going to be a 3am insomniac’s paradise.

      IMHO it’s the most frustrating part of the online showcase every year. Just give people a time window. Many of us have lives that can’t be put on hold for gym gear so we can have a chance before the resellers snap all of it up.

  2. That purple fast lane print is gorgeous!!! I love purple blossom too! I’m hoping to grab those shorts and something in purple blossom tomorrow.

    And I agree! I wish they’d give us a window. I don’t really want to spend my day refreshing the page. I say that I won’t….but, I will.

  3. It is winter in Australia so fingers crossed some fast and free 10 inch shorts are available instead of so many tights. Got a lot of hot months ahead of me still here in LA.

      • They are definitely doing something to the website. I got tried of refreshing, so I tried searching the newer color names, just to see. I typed in “blossom” and randomly a new color– a yellow came up in swimsuit options (it wasn’t there early this morning). It disappeared again about 10 minutes later. Maybe they are fiddling with adding things and something will happen soon?!

        Probably wishful thinking…

  4. Was on as soon as things started posting and searched for specific items by name (I guess knowing the product names was semi useful in this case???). Seems like the reflective energy bra, long sleeve swiftly, and fast & free crops from the sneak peeks weren’t uploaded today. Perhaps they’ll be some of the “new Seawheeze styles added throughout the week”??

      • From the comments I’m reading on FB and reddit, no one saw the LS swiftly (purple or flare). There’s hope!!

      • That was crazy!! There has to be a more organized and better way of adding this stuff!! I found most of my items by clicking through to the “shop the items pictured” link at the end of each picture carousel. Going around and around was making me feel like I’d lost my mind!

        I saw the F&F crops at the very beginning when you had to search for each thing. They popped up as “an item I might be interested in” below the SS Swiftly. The link was broken though. I saw it a few more times and each time, the link didn’t work. Then it disappeared off the site completely. I never saw the LS Swiftly either and I saw a yellow tee that you couldn’t add to your cart. It disappeared as well. I predict we will see them in the next few days. It says something about more surprises being added this week. I’d love some F&F crops!!

  5. I got a lazurite sculpt tank and lazurite longline energy bra. If the lazurite printed trackers were still available, I would’ve snagged those. Most stuff was in colors and prints I didn’t like, so easy passes. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get the sculpt tank! They only had 4 left when I bought, which happens to be my size. I did go back a few minutes later and saw size 6 was back in stock (weirdly) so maybe your size will come back, albeit briefly I’m sure.

    • I’ve been trying to check out that size 6 Sculpt for the last hour to no avail 🙁

      I keep getting told my account is over the limit when it hasn’t even placed a single successful order.

      Just in case anyone out there thinks that bloggers get preferential treatment… I can verify that sure isn’t the case haha

  6. Have I been doing it wrong this whole time? Are my speed shorts supposed to fit that tight for me to work out in?! 😳😳 Am I the only one bothered by this styling ? 😩

  7. I am just not enthused by these offerings. But since I’m not a registered runner, I guess I wasn’t the target audience.

    These are items for runners, half-marathoners to be precise. Why are none of the models wearing actual running shoes?

    I’ve run over 25 marathons and my shorts have never been that tight as Reya points out.

  8. How do you (the public) know these things are Seawheeze rather than just new colors? I see most of them don’t specify they are associated with the race. I have run over 25 marathons and all the items I’ve ever encountered say the name of the race and the year.

    • Just like lululemon rarely plasters the word lululemon on gear and some notable design features and the little omega do the talking, every Seawheeze collection will have a little riff/embellishment (usually a border) on the design to indicate that it’s not just any old product that anyone can get. If you know, you know. This year is the first time text is included in the emblem, and TBH I thought it was a pretty out of character move.

      • Loads of the stuff looks like it says “Sunset Festival” as well. In the past they had a just a few items in very small quantities at the festival, they must have been planning to sell more items at the festival itself this year. But buying them almost feels the same as buying a tshirt from a concert you didn’t go to.

  9. I ordered every single thing via apple pay. Ever GD time I log into my account, the cart repopulates (and I’m not kidding) 67 items that I KEEP DELETING over and over again (I saw recently yours does this too, and consensus on the lulu babble board on facebook, is it does it to everyone). So I placed 6 orders all by apple pay, all one at a time. I’ve also had one item sell out so the entire order is cancelled, during promotions, so at least if something is cancelled, they won’t cancel the entire order like I’ve had happen before.

    Also, me too on the PO’ed at the long sleeve swiftly(s) never showed up. I know I will miss out on them as I don’t live on the website, or on facebook where people will alert us. Whomp whomp

    • 67! Eesh – I was stuck at 11 for a while then it went to 13. I went and cleaned out my cart on every device I had to prevent that from happening and it still did. Next time I’m going with Apple Pay all day.

      Whatever e-commerce framework they switched to in the last 365 days provides a garbage customer experience.

  10. So glad I don’t care for the color of the reflective pieces—my wallet is thanking me! That swifty LS in flare looks so pretty but I kinda have a closet for of them….

  11. I’m shocked you didn’t jump on those reflective pants, but woof, that price! Excited to see what you end up with and how you like it all.

  12. The “Seawheeze Hat” and “Seawheeze Bag” look like the items that would have been given out for free to runners at the check in and finish line. In previous years similar bags were given out as gear bags at check in and hats were given out at the finish line. Now they get to sell them and make some profit. Which I can’t fault them for, but it would have been a nice touch to give those to the virtual runners.

    • I was thinking the same thing. You were going to give them to us anyway, might as well have decreased the refund a little and given us our swag. But then again, profit margin is probably higher to sell it.

    • Yup! Just ran inside from grabbing lunch and was able to score a pair! I already have Jet Stream and Aeon but I know I’ll wear them! If the race took place in person, they’d have been my RACIN’ CROPS this weekend!

      • So tempted to order the Flare Multi in the F&F crops! I bought the print in Pace Rivals yesterday, but I love the look of the F&Fs better. I don’t really want to deal with selling the Pace Rivals though, so I keep telling myself not to buy.

        I’m really thinking I want the illusionary print Scuba. At first, I thought maybe it was too crazy, but the more I look at it, the more I love the whole “hidden eye” thing where the Seawheeze letters pop out at you. I’ve got it in my cart. Hmm…..decisions, decisions.

  13. I am with you on the Trackers. I really don’t like that style but those shorts were my #1 item (and at one point I thought only item)… totally missed out.

    • Whomp! I am more upset about the Energy Bra selling out while I got glitched out on the website. I should be able to get my hands on the WUPs tomorrow, so I’m hoping they are everything I dreamed of and more.

  14. LOL—I’m “working,” so I had iPhone speak this post to me. It made it twice as entertaining! Sorry about your SW F&Fs. The whole SW thing this year is a dud.

  15. I got the pink highlight tall pace rival at the 5th avenue store last week! Wore it to play tennis and am obsessed. Had also gotten the play off the pleats skirt a month ago but love the length of the tall pace rival so much more.

    That’s so sad about the lazurite Fast & Frees! Glad they gave you something back.

    • Maybe I’d go for a Lazurite one if it existed, but the two blues are close enough for me not to own two. Once I got the dark red Pace Rival, I sold off my true red Circuit Breaker. The Pace Rival had a more practical pocket situation in the shorts, and I knew I didn’t need both. Trying to pare down the collection!

  16. Are the reddit users in the 8th grade or something, with the comment about that time of the month? I see comments like that sometimes (I’ve seen it on certain paradise grid speed short placements) and I just roll my eyes. Literally no one will think that when they see you wearing those bad ass pants out and about. Sheesh! Rant over 🙂

    Nothing intriguing for me at all tonight, but some stuff has been cute lately.

  17. I’ve been waiting for a vibrant tie dye option in the Fast and Frees but I didn’t think it was going to happen. The blue is going to be mine. 🙂

  18. So I actually bought a used pair of Athleta tights with a skirt over for my recent trekking trip to Nepal, where it’s considered disrespectful to wear super tight pants. But that’s a super limited use case! Lol

  19. Well, I did not see the random Thursday afternoon upload of the precious coming! Missed out on the lovely purple LS Swiftly. I foolishly went to work instead of obsessively checking the website. Boooo!

    Did you snag one, Katy?

  20. I play tennis year round, in fall/winter it is indoors. Lots of tennis places aren’t heated. You can wear tights under your skirt but then the waistband area is quite thick. Having built in tights streamlines things a bit. These will indeed work for tennis!

  21. I had a bday gift card so I felt that I could justify the Rainbow swiftly. At first I was disappointed that it wasn’t ls but as I look into my closet filled with ls swiftlies that I am always too damn hot to wear, I think I will get a ton of use out of this one.

    Isn’t that new green just Grape Leaf?

  22. I am excited about the Amber Orange returning as well! I have a pair of Run Times shorts in this color and love love love them! Hoping for an Energy Bra in this color….

  23. I picked up the rainbow Swiftly tank in-store last week! It’s my first 2.0….and I don’t love the redesign, but it’s just so dang beautiful. I’m surprised only the SS uploaded.

    I was obsessed with Vivid Amber 2 (?) years ago and am happy to see its sister making an entrance! More please!

  24. The rainbow tank made it to wmtm today and I snagged one! Missed out on the ss.

    Zoned in crop. Zoned compression where exactly? Like tight stuff tights were?

  25. Happy Early birthday!!!
    I think you should get the new 1/2 zip
    Scuba cropped hoodie! In the teal color! That’s what I ordered!

    • Ahhh I can’t quite get on the train with that one – a lot of fitpics I’ve seen make it look super boxy, so I’m not sure it would work for me! I do like the color, though 🙂

  26. Glad to see you back!! I enjoyed reading both the life catch-up and the Lulu thoughts. I also LOVED all the Lulu outfit pics. So much fun! The beach one is frame-worthy.

    I swear I saw you in the background of a US Open shot (coming off a commercial) dressed in your all black. I caught a glimpse of a blonde ponytail and thought, “Oh that’s what Katy is up to!” I hope it was still enjoyable to be at these events, even without all the hoopla and excited crowd energy.

    Any guy that will go with you to the Lulu outlet and patiently wait while you shop is a total keeper!! 🙂

    • Was “I” in Armstrong? My sister texted me one night asking if it was me or Bizarro Katy on TV one night… and it was definitely someone else. The majority of prime time I was watching from my hotel room 😀

      We made a deal that we’d wait in the line outside the outlet for 10min to gauge how fast it would move if at all, given that there were only 11 people allowed in the location (including staff). Thankfully it was nice out, the line moved and he’s patient AF <3

      • That is too funny! I did think I saw you at the stadium and I think it was in the evening when I saw it. Guess you have a doppelganger out there! (Or do they use old footage sometimes?)

  27. I’m so happy for you and Kyle, Im always playing “spot what Katy’s wearing” on your IG stories and I was excited to see his recurring face over the last few weeks. I hope having someone to drink beer and enjoy the outdoors with makes your 70 hour work week more tolerable. I don’t actually know you lol but I feel like I’ve been reading your blog long enough to say you deserve someone who treats you good and goes to lulu outlets without complaining and is proud of having you as his gf so much that he wants to take cheesy beach pics Lol 💕💕 just wanted to say that even if it’s not my place. 😁😁

    On lululemon note, I haven’t bought brushed wunder unders in like 6 years bc i wouldn’t do yoga in brushed pants… my former on-the-go life had me buying toasty tech tights. But thanks to covid honestly those brushed WU may become my couch staple for New England winter. 🙌🏼 I’m glad you had them as a top 5 bc I wouldn’t have thought to look for them.

    Get some rest And treat yourself to an exciting bday present !! (Guessing Kyle will take care of that tho) lol happy birthday 🥳🥳🥳 and thanks for letting us be a part of your life. Honestly people like you have saved me through Covid lockdown. 🥰

    • Now that I’m back to pretending things are ‘normal’ instead of “TOTALLY EFFED”, I realize that I’m always posting quick snaps of every workout outfit on Strava, and I should probably do a biweekly catch up or something on here, for those who don’t use that app.

      Don’t feel weird about feeling like you know me, because I also start feeling like I ‘know’ frequent readers too. Hell, that’s how Coach Joanna and I met 🙂

      I think I may splurge on a GoPro to kick content up a notch, but with a new camera should come a new outfit.. right? RIGHT?!

  28. I really like the cassis/black diamond dye too. I’ve liked the other iterations of diamond dye (there was a naval blue version a couple months back that I loved), but most seemed difficult to match tops. This new version is really nice.

  29. Definitely add more Everlux to your wardrobe! I did and now I almost never wear anything Luxtreme, unless I’m feeling “chubby” and/or want more compression.

  30. I wish they would bring back the petal Aligns. I deeply regret not grabbing them…last year? The Tight Stuff Tight-like scallop isn’t as cute as the petal cut—or even the WU scallop.

  31. I bought the cassis/black diamond 21” aligns (love that the print is so subtle) and the scalloped aligns in black. Just love aligns… live in them from casual to power lifting to long walks. They’re just so comfy. I also ordered the rulu jogger crops… 5’3” over here, so happy to have a crop option.

  32. The HL orange speeds are gorgeous. I love in your face neon and missed out on the other HL speed colors this Summer so was happy to snatch up orange. They came and I love!

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