In 30 Seconds or Less: Lululemon Ready to Roll Crew

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Click to shop: Lululemon Ready to Roll Crew ($108) in Lemon Vibe

I am so happy to have found a new sweatshirt that’s roomy, without looking completely MASSIVE. Hooray! Rainy Saturday on Memorial Day Weekend on Day 72 in quarantine means living room photo shoots with a Fluffy unicorn. I’ve officially lost my marbles.

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  1. Cute on you ! Love the color! Not into oversized sweatshirts for my climate but this is perfect !

  2. I love it too. It looks very similar to the scuba crew but doesn’t have the kangaroo pocket in front. I wore my two scuba crews all winter long, so interested in this style as well. If lulu put out this sweatshirt in azalea pink, I couldn’t resist (even though it’s like 85 in N.C. now and it’ll be on a hanger until October)

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