SeaWheeze 2020: CANCELLED


4/29/20 Update: SeaWheeze 2020 has officially been cancelled.

It’s the right call, but still a disappointment. SeaWheeze is my favorite race in a wonderful city, and I was really looking forward to it after my work schedule clashed with the race and I had to go virtual in 2019.

On the bright side, all registered runners will still receive this year’s shorts. A few of you have asked about the special edition merch, and I’m not sure what will happen. Will it mean that the inventory will be a free for all for all virtual runners? Anything is possible. 🙂

SeaWheeze 2017

Spring races are kaput. Summer event cancellations continue to roll out. A question that a lot of us have is… will lululemon’s 2020 SeaWheeze Half Marathon become another COVID cancellation?

I reached out on Twitter, and here is the reply I received:

Hey Katy,

All of us at lululemon continue to pay close attention to the coronavirus, and its potential impact to our teammates, friends and families across the globe. Throughout this period, we have continued to follow guidance by public health agencies and experts to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities. Should anything in regards to SeaWheeze change, we will update our guests accordingly.

In accordance with the guidance provided by public health agencies and experts we have made the decision to cancel all of our events up until July 31.

We’re continuing to monitor the situation for our event beyond that date and are committed to providing our runners with an update before the SeaWheeze training program starts on May 11. If you have any other questions, our team is always here.

No decision yet, but at least we have a May 11 update to look forward to. I’m not sure if that will be a decision, but… it’s something.


  1. My guess is that they switch the whole thing to a virtual Strava run. If that does happen I do hope that they offer the Sea wheeze showcase store online since all of the Sea Wheeze merchandise is already likely in manufacturing… a girl can dream!

  2. I do hope that they will come up with a solution quickly… and I really hope that – in case of a cancellation – there is a real solution (not only the virtual run) because I’d be travelling from Austria, plus I am afraid that there will be no showcase store online for us Europeans… Currently, there’s no air travel to and from Austria and I don’t think there will be anytime soon, not even in August. I already ran in 2015 but I would have loved to do it again this year, super bummed not to know what’s happening.

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