5 Faves & a Dud: 4/28/20 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Quarantine Day 47 and a trip to the grocery store feels like a tropical vacation. I’ve come to accept the fact that not everything on my list is going to be there, and we’ve all got to play the cards that the Grocery Gods deal us on a random Tuesday. Today? Instead of a simple Taco Tuesday, happy TURKEY Taco Tuesday, with a side of homemade jalapeño margaritas because anything goes in a pandemic. (It was turkey or bison, because apparently cows are a rare delicacy now.)

Now that I’ve got a few ounces of tequila in me and I’ve hit a Sonos/Spotify sweet spot in the evening… lululemon whatcha got?

…Not much. Is it my squirrel-like attention span or… yeah. Um. Upload seems small, or I’m disinterested. Saving all the fun for next week maybe?

5 Faves & a Dud: 4/28/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Ever Elated Cropped Long Sleeve ($98)

I never met a black crew neck I didn’t like, but can we not with the $98 price point? I’ll be waiting this one out on WMTM.

Favorite #2: Speed Up Short Hi-Rise 2.5″ ($58) in Incognito Camo Multi Gator Green/Black

IMHO, high-rise Speed (Up)s are some of the most underrated shorts around. While the camo print is getting a little tired (and that’s coming from a hardcore camo LOVER), I can’t help but shout these out and add them to my wish list.

Favorite #3: Speed Up Short 2.5″ ($58) in Monarch Orange

This one’s for all you orange sherbet lovers out there. Side note: Read it. Sound it out for the letters that you see, one by one. If you still read that and pronounce that word as “sher-BERT”… we can’t be friends.

Favorite #4: Out of Range Backpack ($148) in Heathered Black

This will likely end up as an unpopular pick, because backpacks are the last thing on anyone’s minds right now. Seriously. Where the hell are any of us going, lately? Airport? Nah. The office? Nope. The mailbox? MAYBE.

The need to carry your sh*t anywhere aside from across the house is at an all time low, but I still can’t help but imagine myself doing a little airport runway strut with this beauty on my shoulders.

Favorite #5: Speed Up Short Long *4″ Updated Fit ($58) in Dark Prism Pink

Running shorts are running the table this week, sorry not sorry. 💕

Favorite #6: Invigorate High-Rise Tight 25″ Diamond Dye ($138) in Diamond Dye Shade Naval Blue

TBH I don’t get what all the fuss is about when it comes the lighter color schemed diamond dyes, but I can get on board with the darker hues. Hello bonus fave!

The Dud: Ebb to Street Define Jacket *Wash ($128) & Ebb to Street Tight *Wash ($128) in Stone Wash Chianti

Everyone is bored out of the their mind in quarantine and it’s starting to show. I’m looking at you, everyone who has either cut or colored their own hair, or begun to dye random pieces of clothing because why the hell not.

Everything is dye dye dye… sometimes for the better (see pick six), sometimes for the nope put the chianti in my glass please, not whatever this is.

Items of Potential Interest

Is This How Everyone Dresses in LA?

These pieces were a sneaky off cycle upload a few days ago. More dye, of course. I can’t decide if it’s part reminiscent of the 2019 Seawheeze collection, or if the look is a little bit femme hype beast. Maybe both. Thoughts? Some days I like it, other days I’m not so sure.

LA Pullover Hoodie ($118) / LA Sweat Pant ($108)

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  1. I love Speed up short high rise 2.5” so much! It’s perfect for when I’m wearing a long line bra. I don’t like showing too much skin so these high rise are perfect. and I’m a camo whore so I had to get two pairs

  2. And the Dark Prism pink 😲 I bought those speed ups 4” also but I’m hoping for hotty hot 2.5 or speed up HR 2.5” in this color

  3. The HR camo Speed Ups are tempting me—even as I’m wearing the same ones in low rise. I realllllly want to see some super saturated, bright Speed Ups, so overall this upload was a let down. I’m tired of tie dye, pastels, and muted colors!

    1. Wish they would bring back the gator green camo Energy Bra. I like to buy matching bra/shorts 🙂

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